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  • Arclinon

    You know what would be awesome? If it wouldn’t open a new tabeverytime you click to view a set instead make it optional because it is redious to close all 15 extra tabs with risk of closing something else in click spam it i don’t say remove it make it a option like a tick in a visible place or options tab. Also isn’t having “Browse by tab at both top and right corner is a little reundant i mean people who like fashion are not known for their intelligence but still i don’t think they are that stupid 

    • dulfy

      That is a great suggestion, I will see what I can do to avoid the tabbing issue 🙂

      • Arclinon

         While you are at it while i was stalking the forums i have noticed some people designed some really hot designs of armor perhaps you can add a extra tab for people’s armor design they made with photoshop and most of them look like they they are from the game themselves i wish i had a link but no such luck…

  • Juameca

    Dear sir, any idea where to find this one? 

    • dulfy

      sorry I have no clue 🙁

  • Tyler Haugen Stanley

    You guys should provide how to get all the schematics as well. Otherwise awesome work:)

    • dulfy

      the schematics are unfortunately mostly come from underworld trading. It is a very RNG dependent process so it can take a while to acquire all the schematics. The level of the mission usually corresponds to the level of the item. 

      • Tyler Haugen Stanley

        Awesome. Good thing I have UT at 400;) thanks!!

  • Juameca

    Hey guys, do you know what armor is the red one???  Looks like a consular armor but it’s red and a Voss NPC has it.

    • dulfy

      can’t see the link

  • dulfy


  • Jmc

    Hello can you guys could tell wich boss in the Battle of Ilum drops this

  • Rhodes

    It would be really helpful if it were possible to split the armor sets by republic and empire.

  • Alexander

    Hello, I’m looking for the white Agent set from their class video here:
    Any idea how is it called?

    Also I’m looking for the name of the Agent set in this video:

    The closest thing I managed to find is the Vendetta set, but it’s still not the same and not as white.

  • Adam Romigh

    I’m just wondering if this is still an on-going project? I really appreciate what this site is but it’s been ages since it’s been updated. The orange crafting schematics have more than doubled (hand, wrist, waist, feet were added). Is no one submitting pictures anymore or is it just too much to keep up with? I’d be willing to help in either case. As always, thanks dulfy.

  • This site is showing as having malware whenever I visit it. Please fix.

  • Exiled Messenger

    I absolutely love this site, but I believe you have given up on it since you haven’t updated it since Jul 2012 and no longer have a link to it on Would you consider letting someone else take over the site and continue updating it?

    • dulfy

      Sent you an email 🙂

      • Triple Zero

        So this is how was saved from a fate of obsolescence.

        • Exiled Messenger

          Lol, that’s exactly how it happened.

  • Adam Romigh

    The Pics from the preview window work on, I don’t see any reason not to use them here. I think I’ll start going through my armormech and synthweaving patterns and start submitting some pics of the ones that I have complete. Thanks Dulfy!

  • Bart


    I have been trying to find a nice armor for my chars, but it’s a real shore digging through all the armor sets without being able to filter them or search for specific class/gender/type.

    The current filters are pretty useless…
    -armor types are used by several classes
    -colors are no longer relevant with the dye modules

    As I said before, being able to filter on class+gender or armor type+gender would be perfect I imagine.

    I have been trying to send a message with the form above, but the captcha thing was not working properly, I tried like 20 times


    • Exiled Messenger

      I don’t have the programming knowledge to be able to build a Word Press plugin that will filter on multiple categories.

      The Multiple Category Selection Widget would be perfect, but it breaks the menus for the page and doesn’t reset itself after each use. So far, I have been unable to modify it enough to work the way we need it to.

      If you want to search on a specific class type, you need to use the search button and type in the class because we set that up as a tag rather than a category. The reason for this is the majority of gear sets can be worn by any class that can wear that armor type.

      The gender filter only filters those sets that can only be worn by a specific gender, for example, Slave Girl or Formal. We didn’t build a separate page for each gender as well as each faction for every set of gear.

      I apologize that the captcha is not working properly and will investigate.

  • Sarah v2.1

    Hi 🙂 I used the contact form to ask you a few questions, but if you’re not looking into them anymore, please tell me and I ask my question again here in the comments.

    • Exiled Messenger

      Hmm, when we switched over to the new form it must have caused a problem with notifications. You can send an email to [email protected] while we troubleshoot it.

      • Sarah v2.1

        Thank you!

  • pallytime

    You guys still working on this? It’d be nice to sort by “set” and also by “craftable only” because the in game features are HORRIBLE! Thanks for what ya do have though. 🙂

  • Blub

    I keep getting this page that says “Error establishing a database connection” after I try to submit a customized stronghold and I’m not sure if the post has already been uploaded or not. I’m worried that I just spammed Exile’s email, because I kept trying to upload to see if it would be any different….but I just kept getting that error for some reason.

    • Exiled Messenger

      I’ve reset the database. Would you mind trying again?

  • I keep geting a message when I try to up vote a submission, either that I all ready voted, witch I havn’t, or that some error just happend… You got any clue what is the problem?

    • Exiled Messenger

      I think it might have to do with the new caching plugin. I’ll have someone look into it.

  • Hib

    I noticed that the Revealing Armor category on the Armor tab is missing.
    Is this intentional or did it vanish during some updates on your website.

    • Exiled Messenger

      It was intentional. I hadn’t been keeping up with it, but you can still use the category filters on the side bar to find those sets.

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