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Contraband Packs (Shipment Two)

Click on the Pack names below to view posts for each pack. Associated with the Contraband Resale Corporation. The Contraband Packs were the first packs to include Reputation Trophies. In addition to the items listed below, each pack may drop:


First offered: Mar. 12, 2013 (Patch 1.7.2)

NOTE: The Regulator’s Contraband Pack does not contain all of the Super Rare/Ultra Rare items.

Price and Availability


Emote: Boo-hooEmote
Emote: BoogieEmote
Emote: KlooEmote
Emote: SwingEmote
Emote: Point and LaughEmote
Emote: XanthaEmote
Title: Contraband CollectorTitle
Title: RegulatorTitle
Jawagram: AwesomeToy
Jawagram: Good Job!Toy
Jawagram: May the Force Be With You!Toy
Jawagram: Nice Try!Toy
Jawagram: Party On!Toy

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