Contraband Runner



Contraband Runner - Female CloseContraband Runner - Female FrontContraband Runner - Female BackContraband Runner - Female RightContraband Runner - Female Left


Contraband Runner - Male CloseContraband Runner - Male FrontContraband Runner - Male BackContraband Runner - Male RightContraband Runner - Male Left

Individual Pieces

Contraband Runner Female JacketContraband Runner Female PantsContraband Runner Female BootsContraband Runner Female HelmetContraband Runner Female GlovesContraband Runner Female BracersContraband Runner Female Belt

Contraband Runner Male JacketContraband Runner Male PantsContraband Runner Male BootsContraband Runner Male HelmetContraband Runner Male GlovesContraband Runner Male BracersContraband Runner Male Belt


Dark Purple and Deep Yellow

Contraband Runner Dyed

Hides Hood (also hides partial facial hair)

Contraband Runner Hides Hoos


HeadContraband Runner Helmet
ChestContraband Runner Jacket
HandsContraband Runner Gloves
WaistContraband Runner Belt
LegsContraband Runner Pants
FeetContraband Runner Boots
WristsContraband Runner Bracers

Where to Obtain:

Outer Rim Explorer’s Pack