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TOR Fashion

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  1. Alky
    19 February 2014 @ 0330

    Something of interest to note here; the Corellian Stardrive Flash shares a similar name with the GSF Flashfire by Corellian Stardrive as well. The two models are absolutely identical without gun mounts. However, the Flash is, intentionally or unintentionally, a little bit smaller than the Flashfire in all proportions – but not by much. The comparison can be made when you drive one in the new Republic Fleet, Starfighter Launch Deck, where a static Flashfire is on display, which we can assume, is 1/1 scaled.

    All in all, this is quite the leap from previous speeder bike, landspeeder, animals mounts because we now have what appears to be an actual starship as mount. Assuming the Kalakar Strike Fighter Simulator is just a Simulator that… happens to be able to move, and not a space-worthy craft.


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