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  1. Big Iron Andy
    10 October 2014 @ 1842

    I have a pretty good Malcolm Reynolds custom set if anybody would be interested in seeing it.


    • Timberley
      30 October 2015 @ 1704

      Yes definitely!


  2. elvenmage16
    13 July 2015 @ 1925

    I would REALLY like to see someone put together a good Samus outfit! I’ve been trying so hard, but i’m just no good at this! 🙁


  3. Xeruel
    4 August 2015 @ 0731

    Exile need to put more restriction on how ppl tag their chars cosplay and requires them to explain what are they cosplaying either by description or post, there are some of them I cant even recognize if they’re cosplaying something or anything at all and maybe just put their set into cosplay section for more views…..


    • Exiled Messenger
      4 August 2015 @ 0736

      I’ve asked people to explain their cosplay on the form. If they choose not to, there is nothing I can do about it. Why exactly would someone put a cosplay tag on their post for more views? More views on this site doesn’t get anyone anything. The like system means absolutely nothing except to make people feel good about their post.


      • Xeruel
        4 August 2015 @ 0752

        umm forget about the views opinion lol while ppl dont benefit from it they will always want atleast some ppl to look at their set atleast and they got better chance putting it in the cosplay section and when ppl keep adding unrelevant set into the cosplay it will piling up and clutter then at some point undistinguishable from general customized set


  4. Jaton
    14 November 2017 @ 0155

    My outfit was never intended to be on the cosplay list as i was there first. before the fresh prince of bell air took the outfit! 😛


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