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Customized Sets – Agent

This page is a collection of all the Agent customized sets submitted to TOR Fashion. Please feel free to submit your character’s look and/or see Taking Screenshots if you have any questions.

Most Liked Agents

TitleLike Count
Víntar - The Harbinger99
Pippera - The Harbinger81
Valcris Crytek - The Progenitor67
Annya'db - The Harbinger61
Nraek'db - The Harbinger54
Saam-F'sher - The Red Eclipse50
Ashkele - The Red Eclipse47
Dreadranger - Tomb of Freedon Nadd46
Ghost'Story - The Shadowlands46
Kilar - T3-M441
  • Lissy

    There is a female agent under the male section. Oleander – Vanjervalis Chain. =D Just a heads up!

    • Exiled Messenger

      Thanks. I fixed it.

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