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Customized Sets – Hunter

This page is a collection of all the Hunter customized sets submitted to TOR Fashion.  Please feel free to submit your character’s look and/or see Taking Screenshots if you have any questions.

Most Liked Hunters

TitleLike Count
Jarvìs Dice - Vanjervalis Chain193
Leash Firebrand (2.0) - The Ebon Hawk142
Cimar - The Harbinger140
Justina - T3-M4128
Takaria - The Progenitor121
Jagèr - The Red Eclipse119
Esuri - The Red Eclipse116
Flamè - Tomb of Freedon Nadd103
Roruken - The Red Eclipse103
Tróber - T3-M499

  • Jake Nolan

    Gotta say, Bounty Hunters certainly are the most difficult to outfit if you’re NOT a Mandalorian. 😛

    • Moon Jockey

      Think of it as a creative challenge. In the character back story for my BH – what I have of it so far, which isn’t much – I’ve at least decided He’s NOT Mando. I have NO respect for them. I know for some Cosplayers, that’s their thing. I think some go so far as considering themselves real-life Mandos, holding to the creeds and all that. Wierd, but to each their own. But, a surprising number of players here have gone for the “Space Cowboy” look, and it definitely works. And there are a goodly amount of options. Plus, we’re getting that “Outfit designer,” soon, so the possibilities will be near-limitless. (BTW, I don’t say any of this to offend, or cram my opinion down people’s throats.)

      • maria

        Firefly ftw!

      • P Murphy

        I’m an “early” member of the Mandalorian Mercenaries Costuming club – circa 2005-6 I think? lol it’s been a while.

        Basically Karen Traviss’ books on the cuy’val dar and Mandalorian Culture (very Sparta/Feudal Japan in thoughts and ideals) she created before CN Clone Wars cartoon, basically helped give reason for the clones existing, to the clones. The Mandalorians were, under Jango’s behest, the trainers of the clones, and depending on the level of training, and how specialized – the ARCs and other “special forces” particularly, got more “hands on training” with the different Mandalorian instructors.

        They’re quite good reads too.

        Also, unlike the stricter costuming guidelines of the Rebel Legion or 501st, of which I’m also a member of, the Mandos allow a definite freedom in choosing one’s kit. I think that appeals the most.

        Then beyond that, the Mercs were started, I believe, by a few combat veterans who also enjoyed the books. I think we also have the largest percentage of combat veterans within our ranks.

        I AM a combat veteran.

        so having a warrior/honor code culture within the Star Wars universe helps us associate both with real life, our inner-nerd (which most times on base is hid in a closet), and helping out make kids dreams come true at charity events. It’s a win-win-win.

        And we all look out for one another.

        Also, like Ashley says in Mass Effect, “why does whenever someone say ‘no offense’ they actually mean ‘f& you'” I do take offense, especially AFTER you posted your little PC bull rant at the end.

        the UCMJ
        and the Mandalorians ALL have something in common.

        It’s not that we necessarily hold ourselves as “real life Mandos” it’s just when your say, a purple heart veteran, lost, and feeling like the world has turned on you – finding friends in and among fellow nerds dressed crazy, that ALSO happen to be veterans too?

        we’ve saved quite a few veterans from taking the dark paths.

        and THAT, is why I’m PROUD to be one.

  • Jack

    I like the Mandalorian helmets, not a huge fan of the body armor but I’ve managed to make a few sets work using trooper gear mixed with mando gear.

  • Jack

    Really feel like they should add Guild capes or something, it be a good missing piece to your gear.

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