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Customized Sets – Knight

This page is a collection of all the Knight customized sets submitted to TOR Fashion. Please feel free to submit your character’s look and/or see Taking Screenshots if you have any questions.

Most Liked Knights

TitleLike Count
Aziela - Jedi Covenant155
Kingley - The Progenitor152
Alec Fortescue - Tomb of Freedon Nadd124
Firiona - Tulak Hord124
Maahe Firebrand - The Ebon Hawk111
Ärda - Mantle of the Force105
Corias (Katarn) - The Ebon Hawk82
Jornomar - The Harbinger80
Lana-ban - The Harbinger79
L'arc-en Ciel - The Harbinger76
  • Kirsian

    only a handful are even noteworthy, is it just TOR’s community is totally lacking in creativity, or the game’s own lack of individuality in armor/clothing customization… I say both.

    • Zakun

      …Really? Is an awful comment like yours REALLY needed? People come here to showcase armor sets they like. Not to be told by people like you they aren’t creative.

      • Blackstar Firewall

        Do not feed the trolls.

        • Adam Mauldin

          I mean, to be fair, a lot of these are in sith specific armor and aren’t all that jedi like?

          • You’re commenting on a post that was made 3 years ago?

    • General Stone Star

      I agree, some of these dont break out of the average but some are really good.

    • Khadan

      My only complaint is people not posting good screenshots and/or not listing the gear. As far as what the sets look like, it is all opinion.

    • Alec Fortescue

      I can relate to your second thought. Even the best artist won’t make a timeless piece of art from a pile of crap – and that’s what Bioware keeps giving to us – Jedi.

  • Khadan

    Where did the one guy that looked like Obiwan from Clone Wars?

  • Moon Jockey

    I love your site! So many creative folks here – But I’m having a slight issue. Whenever I click on an individual link in a particular category (I’m looking at sets in the Knight section right now) My browser gives me an “Error establishing a database connection” Message. Is it just me? Thanks!

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