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  1. Jacobise
    31 January 2016 @ 1110

    Is it known whether these were removed from the loot tables with 4.0? They weren’t the most common pre-4.0 but I have yet to see one since the changes.

    Anyone? Bueller?


  2. Jed Korino
    23 September 2016 @ 1314

    Is it still possible to learn or find the schematic ?


    • anoneemoose
      24 September 2016 @ 0217

      Eternal Championship vendor sells a legacy bound version of these crystals, if you are just looking for a stable source of these things.


  3. gua543
    23 September 2016 @ 1445

    Well, I’ve seen black-something crystal schematics drop in EC (or was it TfB? Can’t remember, haven’t played in a while) runs , so maybe it’s still possible to get it. I wouldn’t get my hopes up though, I’ve never seen this schematic drop even before 4.0


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