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  1. Sadriel_Fett
    26 December 2014 @ 0312

    So, the top line says TAXI in aurebesh, but is the bottom line supposed to say something? The last character looks like the symbol for Cresh (the letter C) but I can’t find anything on the other characters.


    • Sadriel_Fett
      26 December 2014 @ 0321

      Huh, after a bit, I finally found an older version of the aurebesh alphabet fonts. Guess the second line reads 8954C. Different font for the numbers than the one shown on Wookieepedia.


  2. Kingley
    8 October 2015 @ 1130

    The King would like one – only in shocking pink and without all that dang lettering on the front. It’s for the King’s mom. Thank you… Thank you. Thank you very much. B-/


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