Czerka Executive



Czerka Executive Hero - Female CloseCzerka Executive Hero - Female FrontCzerka Executive Hero - Female BackCzerka Executive Hero - Female RightCzerka Executive Hero - Female Left


Czerka Executive - Male CloseCzerka Executive - Male FrontCzerka Executive - Male BackCzerka Executive Hero - Female BackCzerka Executive - Male Right   Czerka Executive - Male Left


Black and Black / Dark Green and White


Head Czerka Executive’s Headgear 75,000 credits
Chest Czerka Executive’s Jacket 75,000 credits
Hands Czerka Executive’s Gloves 52,500 credits
Waist Czerka Executive’s Belt 30,000 credits
Legs Czerka Executive’s Leggings 75,000 credits
Feet Czerka Executive’s Boots 52,500 credits
Wrists Czerka Executive’s Armguards 30,000 credits

Where to Obtain:

Requires Hero with CZ-198; Patch 2.3


From Wookieepedia: The Star Wars Wiki

Czerka Arms, also known as Czerka Weapons, formerly known as the Czerka Corporation, and founded as Czerka Mining and Industrial, was a galaxy-spanning business during the reigns of theGalactic Republic, Sith Empire, Galactic Empire, New Republic, andGalactic Federation of Free Alliances.

It controlled interests on Korriban, Kashyyyk, Tatooine, Telos IV and to a smaller extent Trandosha, Taris and Dantooine along with countless other planets. The corporation exported many of their weapons toJusta Starport on Mutanda.


Head Pieces

Chest Pieces