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Dark v Light Event Rewards

Heroic Level

  • 5 x Dark v Light Packs (BoP)
  • “The Heroic Victor” Title

Legacy Level

  • 10 x Dark v Light Packs (BoP)
  • Victorious Pioneer’s Armor Set: Helm, Chest, and Legs (BoL)
  • Shade Stalker Runt Pet
  • “The Destined Victor” Title

Valiant Level

  • 10 x Dark v Light Packs (BoP)
  • Victor’s Trailblazer Bike Mount (BoL)
  • Victorious Pioneer’s Armor Set: Belt and Bracers
  • “The Valiant Victor” Title

Champion Level

  • 15 x  Dark vs Light Packs (BoP)
  • Victorious Trailblazer’s Armor Set
  • Victorious Pioneer’s Armor Set: Gloves and Boots (BoL)
  • “The Champion Victor” Title

Eternal Level

  • 15 x Dark vs Light Packs (BoP)
  • The merciless Darth Hexid Companion or the courageous Master Ranos Companion
  • “The Eternal Victor” title

Legendary Level

  • 30 x Dark vs Light Pack (BoP)
  • Victor’s Titan Turret Tank Mount (BoL)
  • Victorious Titan’s Armor Set
  • “The Legendary Victor” Title
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