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Dark vs Light Packs

Dark vs Light packs are rewards for the Dark vs Light event in the summer of 2016 or purchased in the Cartel Market starting 12 Jul 16. The differences between the packs are as follows:

Dark Vs. Light Event Packs

  • Packs and items are Bind on Pickup
  • All items unlock in collections
  • Each pack contains one pack item and one misc item
  • No chance cubes

Dark Vs. Light CM Packs

  • Packs and items are Bind on Equip (following normal lockout timer)
  • All items unlock in collections
  • Each pack contains one pack item, one Grand Chance Cube, one companion gift, and Jawa Junk

These packs may drop any item found in other packs, just like the Grand Chance Cubes (except armor comes in Upper, Lower, and Supplementary instead of the full set). In addition, they may drop one of two weapon tunings (Dark-attuned, Light-attuned). Other known drop items include (not a complete list):

  • Terrorus

    So basically they are over hyped Chance Cubes?
    All that talk about geting iconic dark/light associated gear was BS?

    • Exiled Messenger

      Based on what I saw in 6 x Hypercrates, they have essentially the same things as Grand Chance Cubes.

      • gua543

        Wait, so when you wrote the packs can drop any item from any other pack, did you mean it literally?

        • Exiled Messenger

          Yeah, I received stuff from just about every shipment.

          • gua543

            Huh, I guess Bioware’s talk on getting the rarest of the gear introduced in the cartel market with these packs was slightly exaggerated.

          • Exiled Messenger

            I didn’t write down everything I received, but I did get things like a White-Black Eviscerating color crystal, a ton of DLA-13 blaster rifles, a couple White and White dye modules, a Cathar Honor Sword, and some rarer armor sets. Visas Marr and Tulak Hord are two that come to mind.

            I also got a bunch of Orange-Red, Imperial Crimson, and Farmhand Blue Color Crystals and more than 200 Grand Chance Cubes.

  • Vicious

    Is there a list of all the items in these packs anywhere yet?

    • Exiled Messenger

      Just like the Grand Chance Cubes it could be anything from the Cartel Packs.

      • Vicious

        I’m not so sure about that. From the few packs I’ve seen opened there’s a lot of duplicate armors, and they all seem to be Jedi/Sith themed.

      • Unoshi

        There is one thing you are wrong about and that is DvL contain armor from a set of packs while the cubes contain from all packs that ever were.

        At least, thats what they mentioned

        I was just hoping you’d might had a list ^^

        • Exiled Messenger

          I haven’t seen any list of armor from certain packs and received items from a wide variety of packs covering all the shipments.

          • Unoshi

            Ah, miscommunication then. Well in that case, no need for a list if it contains all shipments.

        • Exiled Messenger

          I’ve started tagging those items that I remember were in the packs, but I’m missing quite a few since I didn’t write anything down.

          • Unoshi

            ill try and see if i can find a list somewhere and see what i can get from my remaining packs from the event and post them here

  • Bastardodcadena

    i get parts of Remulus Dreypa armor…. and Revan Reborn chest, Darth Sion legs… twice before they create the choose cartel market thing

  • dalethaan

    i swear if i get one more ceremonial thing………

  • JRP

    From one of the Force-Bound Dark Vs. Light Packs, I got the Unstable Arbiter’s Lightsaber.

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