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TOR Fashion


  1. JasonRyder
    6 May 2016 @ 2113

    I think Kylo Ren found a girlfriend!


  2. Errtai
    7 May 2016 @ 0248

    The best use of that headpiece I’ve seen so far, nice job.


    • Atlantic
      7 May 2016 @ 1832

      Thank you. I found the armor to be easy to use (just added Tactical Infantry helmet and belt) but that helmet is soooooo weird and shiny.


  3. Atlantic
    7 May 2016 @ 2216

    I forgot to include this pic. This is the only outfit for this character. I started from scratch to gain all the darkside points that I could so that under the helmet looks like this..


  4. Annefn
    29 May 2016 @ 0738

    simply excellent


    • Atlantic
      30 May 2016 @ 2234

      Thank you. This character is a blast to play. I did the entire warrior storyline with the helmet on. There is some great dialogue for a voice modulated helmet.


      • Darth Ji'inx
        7 June 2016 @ 1708

        This helmet is voice modulated? My Bounty Hunter wears the Battlefield Commander set in KotFE, but his voice isn’t modulated.


        • Atlantic
          8 June 2016 @ 2251

          Yes. Try a repeatable conversation with and without the helmet. The difference is very subtle (like modulator 2).


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