Darth Pestilentus – Tomb of Freedon Nadd


Character – Darth Pestilentus – Tomb of Freedon Nadd – Juggernaut


Darth Pestilentus - FrontDarth Pestilentus - BackDarth Pestilentus - ActionDarth Pestilentus - Action 2



Head Darth Malak’s Jaw Casing
Chest Battlemaster War Leader’s Body Armor
Hands Black Hole Bulwark’s MK-1 Gloves
Waist Revan’s Sash
Legs Series 512 Cybernetic Leg
Feet Columi War Leader’s Boots
Wrists Not visible
Weapon Lightsaber of Unyielding Battle
Offhand Not visible

Where to Obtain:

Head: Regulator’s/Enforcer’s Contraband Pack

Chest: No longer available – except for synthweaving

Hands: Level 50 HM FPs, SM Ops

Belt: Blockade Runner’s Cartel Pack

Legs: Pursuer’s Bounty Pack

Feet: No longer available

Weapon: PvP Vendor – level 42

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