Dathomir Shaman



Dathomir Shaman - Female CloseDathomir Shaman - Female FrontDathomir Shaman - Female BackDathomir Shaman - Female RightDathomir Shaman - Female Left


Dathomir Shaman - Male CloseDathomir Shaman - Male FrontDathomir Shaman - Male BackDathomir Shaman - Male RightDathomir Shaman - Male Left

Individual Pieces

Dathomir Shaman Female RobesDathomir Shaman Female PantsDathomir Shaman Female BootsDathomir Shaman Female HoodDathomir Shaman Female GlovesDathomir Shaman Female Sash

Dathomir Shaman Male RobesDathomir Shaman Male PantsDathomir Shaman Male BootsDathomir Shaman Male HoodDathomir Shaman Male GlovesDathomir Shaman Male Sash


Dark Purple and Deep Yellow

Dathomir Shaman Dyed


Head Dathomir Shaman’s Hood
Chest Dathomir Shaman’s Robes
Hands Dathomir Shaman’s Gloves
Waist Dathomir Shaman’s Sash
Legs Dathomir Shaman’s Pants
Feet Dathomir Shaman’s Boots

Where to Obtain:

Architect’s Stronghold Pack


From Wookieepedia: The Star Wars Wiki http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Nightsisters

The Nightsisters were a sect of the Witches of Dathomir who embraced the usage of dark arts within their Force-driven Magicks. The Nightsisters were originally members of other witch clans who began to utilize the dark side in defiance of the light-sided orthodoxy found in the Book of Law—the governing holy text of theDathomiri. These witches adopted a shamanistic culture that rejected the notion of “good” and “evil”, and instead chose to call upon the twin energies of the Winged Goddess and the Fanged God in order to utilize their Magicks and communicate with the spirit realm. They focused extensively on the art of casting Force illusions through “illusion spells.” Witches found guilty of practicing these heretical techniques were banished into Dathomir’s wilderness and left for dead. However, in the final decades of the Galactic Republic‘s reign, the exiled witch Gethzerion used her superior powers to unite the wandering outcasts into a new clan—the Nightsisters.