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  1. Jake Nolan
    9 December 2014 @ 1435

    Guy A: *puts on helmet*

    Guy A: “Uh, I can’t see anything sir!”

    Guy B: “POPPYCOCK! Open your eyes you fool!”

    Guy A: “But my eyes ARE open sir!”

    Guy B: “Well too bad, get out there and kill Revanites!”

    Guy B: *kicks Guy A out the side of the shuttle craft.*

    Guy A: *fires his gun aimlessly and get’s shot to pieces*

    Moral of the story… make sure helmets have visors BioWare…


    • RogueQall
      2 September 2015 @ 0312

      …use your imagination. It has a HUD!


  2. Terrorus
    8 March 2016 @ 2158

    Anyone has any idea if the Dvs plan on puting these back in the game? Maybe in those alliance crates?


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