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  1. Jonathan Parker
    8 May 2017 @ 1327

    Too bad all this great armor is locked away behind RNG at a certain level. We need a better crafting system so we can make this old armor, with the looks that we want.


    • gua543
      8 May 2017 @ 1404

      Did you look at the similarity panel? The results might surprise you.


      • Jonathan Parker
        8 May 2017 @ 1822

        Sure, but this is only one out of several Imperial uniform designs we’ve seen since day one, and there are others that I prefer that are nearly unobtainable nowadays.


    • Avelineae
      8 May 2017 @ 1445

      There’s also an “Imperial Uniform Guide” made by D. Rose you can access on the right side with the other gadgets (under “Recent Forum Posts”). You might wanna have a peek at it if you’re specifically looking for an Imperial uniform. 🙂
      I might’ve also misread you incase you mean older armors in general, but I figured mentioning Rose’s post could be worthwhile nonetheless!

      Although at the moment I’m writing this reply it seems like the post isn’t working for me at least… Fingers crossed it’s just a hiccup on my end!


      • Jonathan Parker
        8 May 2017 @ 1824

        I am looking for certain pieces to complete my Agent’s uniform, but I’m mostly referring to old armor in general. Some stuff has been made available through crafting, and the old endgame armor is in the heroic crates, but so much is still missing. The classic Republic Trooper armor, for example. In fact, we’ve never seen an armor set that’s exactly identical to what the standard issue Republic armor looks like. Similar, but never the exact same. I like games that let you craft whatever armor you want, and with the ability to modify its appearance.


        • Avelineae
          9 May 2017 @ 0508

          I figured as much after I re-read your original comment, but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to point towards the post by Rose either way.

          And I absolutely agree with you on the points you made. I’m definitely missing a lot of the older armors, and for example I’m genuinely a bit sad to see “Level 25-30 heroic mission boxes” when I look at resources etc. Not that it isn’t an RNG-game to begin with, but now that my sub ended again I don’t normally have even the slightest chance to get these drops from the heroic boxes since I can’t even get the damn boxes!

          Lately I’ve also come across so many armors that aren’t even available in the game anymore I’m practically praying they’ll be implemented back in the game at some point, one way or the other. So here’s hoping…


      • D. Rose
        8 May 2017 @ 1930

        I think the old forum posts got wiped when Exile reworked the site. I’ll try to re-do it if there is interest.


        • Exiled Messenger
          8 May 2017 @ 1958

          The posts are still there. I broke the access to the forums. I’m trying to get help fixing it.


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