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  1. vernerftw
    13 February 2020 @ 0440

    What’s this similar to? the Similarity section doesn’t seem to work. D:


  2. gua543
    13 February 2020 @ 1503

    Works fine for me. FYI you can get a craftable version after REing the Defiant Mender/Onslaught MK-16 chests you can learn from a trainer, or you can buy the Murderous Revelation set from the Consular/Inquisitor set bonus vendor. The latter are only usable by consulars and inquisitors though. There was also an similar CM set, but I forgot what it’s called. Dune Mystic or something like that.


  3. Lei Hng Wei
    13 February 2020 @ 1849

    Tund Sorcerer is the CM variant.


  4. Damask_Rose
    16 February 2020 @ 1849

    Thanks for pointing that out. I’ll add Tund Sorcerer right now!


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