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  1. Salacious Crumb
    25 April 2017 @ 1604

    My absolute favorite thing on this site is to see someone use a face/hair combo I haven’t seen or thought of before, this is one those. And the outfit is fantastic, as well.


  2. gua543
    26 April 2017 @ 0522

    Download fraps, disable subtitles and start talking to quest givers. Screenshots from conversations look much better than regular ones.


    • thatHARVguy
      26 April 2017 @ 0551

      I take a run through the conversation and write down the options taken. Then ESC out before it ends, to do it again without the UI (alt-z) for screenshots.


      • gua543
        26 April 2017 @ 1356

        Ah yes, forgot Alt + Z works for convos too. I don’t know if it’s just me or it’s like that for everyone, but after 5.0 literally every sidequest that wasn’t part of the planetary story became available to all my toons that have run through it. So I got plenty of opportunities for screens.


  3. Vyro The Virus
    21 January 2018 @ 1231

    I’d crop the edges to be around the character, so it would be larger. I’d also use screenshots from cut scenes. Outfit looks great, though!


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