Deltia – Prophecy of the Five


Character – Deltia – Prophecy of the Five – Juggernaut

Submitted by: Jacob Hausman


Deltia Action Deltia Back Deltia SideDeltia Close



HeadRevan’s MaskColor Matched
ChestBody Armor of Entropic AssaultBlack and Black
HandsEradicator’s GauntletsColor Matched
WaistDread Host BeltColor Matched
LegsEradicator’s GreavesColor Matched
FeetEradicator’s SabatonsColor Matched
WristsEradicator’s VambracesColor Matched
WeaponQel-Droma Ancestral BladeAdvanced Black-Purple Hawkeye
OffhandNot visible

Where to Obtain:

Head: Contraband Resale Corporation Vendor

Chest: PvP Vendor – level 40

Hands: Cartel Market

Waist: Oricon Reputation Vendor; Requires FriendNo longer available

Legs: Cartel Market

Feet: Cartel Market

Wrists: Elite PvE Vendor

Weapon: No longer available

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