Demayesh – The Progenitor

    • Character: Demayesh of The Progenitor
    • Jedi Consular: Shadow
    • Submitted by: Tatiya

As with most things, the items I used can be purchased from the GTN or, on very rare occasions, found in the Chance Cubes.

The crystal I used can be bought from the Jelveek, the Jawa vendor found in the rakghoul caves or loitering in the cartel market section of the fleet. It costs 4 canisters and can be used from lvl 50. I believe that there may also be a vendor on the capital worlds that sells the same/similar colour for 200K creds, but I haven’t confirmed this myself.


Item Name Color Matched? /Tuning Dye/Crystal Color(s) Source
Head &
Chest Tund Sorcerer Upper Robe Black & Deep Green Deep Core Explorers Pack
Hands Visas Marr’s Gloves Yes & Tracker’s Bounty Pack
Waist Visas Marr’s Sash Yes & Tracker’s Bounty Pack
Legs Formal Militant’s Pants Yes & Acolyte’s Shadow Pack
Feet Zakuulan Inquisitor’s Boots Yes & Visionary Pack
Wrists Xoxaan’s Wristwraps Yes & Occasional direct purchase from Cartel Market.
Weapon Frontier Hunter’s Dualsaber None Black-Green Scavenger’s Pack

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