Desfées – The Red Eclipse

    • Character: Desfées of The Red Eclipse
    • Sith Inquisitor: Sorcerer
    • Submitted by: Meli

Going for a archetypal “priestess” look in this one. The Marka Ragnos helm and armor were a good base for something very old, primeval, but the belt and gloves from that set were too austere looking for my taste so I those the Wicked Huntress set to complete the outfit, as well as the simpler all black robes (Kreia’s).
The lightsaber (Thexan’s) was chosen last and had to color-match and design match the rest of the set. Originally I did not mind using an older more primitive weapon like an electro-blade or mace – again very much a symbol of the archetypal priest but for practical min-max damage reasons did go with a matching saber.

Item Name Color Matched? /Tuning Dye/Crystal Color(s) Source
Head &
Chest None & None
Hands &
Waist &
Legs &
Feet &
Wrists &

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