Devoted Allies Bulwark (Pub)


Can also be worn by Bowdaar.

Lord Scourge

Devoted Allies Bulwark - Scourge FrontDevoted Allies Bulwark - Scourge BackDevoted Allies Bulwark - Scourge RightDevoted Allies Bulwark - Scourge Left

Individual Pieces

Devoted Allies Bulwark Male Body ArmorDevoted Allies Bulwark Male GreavesDevoted Allies Bulwark Male BootsDevoted Allies Bulwark Male HeadgearDevoted Allies Bulwark Male GlovesDevoted Allies Bulwark Male BeltDevoted Allies Bulwark Male Armguards


Dark Purple and Deep Yellow

Devoted Allies Bulwark Dyed


HeadDevoted Allies Bulwark’s Headgear
ChestDevoted Allies Bulwark’s Body Armor
HandsDevoted Allies Bulwark’s Gloves
WaistDevoted Allies Bulwark’s Belt
LegsDevoted Allies Bulwark’s Greaves
FeetDevoted Allies Bulwark’s Boots
WristsDevoted Allies Bulwark’s Armguards

Where to Obtain:

[WEEKLY] Spirit of Cooperation on Yavin 4


Head Pieces

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Chest Pieces

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