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TOR Fashion


  1. Aleksey314
    7 October 2014 @ 0047

    Development of my old Sith Warrior character.

    Within a couple of years he has changed from a generally not mean young Vengeance warrior (neutral alignment) into a ruthless, war-hardened Immortal fighter (dark alignment).

    Lost a hand and a cloak. Got more scars and new breastplate. Kept old reliable lightsaber. Captured a flying throne from a rival, who has grown too weak and careless. Got rid of ever failing Quinn, in favor of some amusingly blabbering pet that is not utterly useless.


    • gua543
      7 October 2014 @ 0335

      Still got the mad scientist haircut though.


      • Aleksey314
        7 October 2014 @ 0507

        Telling you, they grow like this naturally : – ) Hmm, need to check what it will look like if I dye them bright red :))) Mad clown style :)))


        • gua543
          7 October 2014 @ 0905

          Shame the new hair colors are only for humans 😀


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