Character – Misiek Exile – The Harbinger – Mercenary

Submitted by: Exiled Messenger


Dioxippe Green CloseDioxippe Green FrontDioxippe Green BackDioxippe Green RightDioxippe Green LeftDioxippe Green ActionDioxippe Green Mount


Head BK-0 Combustion Face Mask Color Matched
Chest Underwater Adventurer Rebreather Deep Green and Dark Blue
Hands Sogan Sur’s Gauntlets Color Matched
Waist Underwater Adventurer  Weight Belt Color Matched
Legs Underwater Adventurer Leggings Color Matched
Feet Underwater Adventurer Boots Color Matched
Wrists Red Blade’s Bracers Color Matched
Weapon AD-13 Heavy Blaster Lime-Green
Offhand AD-13 Heavy Blaster Blue

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