Divine Mercy – The Progenitor

    • Character: Divine Mercy of The Progenitor
    • Jedi Consular: Sage
    • Submitted by: Aveline

And then for something completely different from me… 😀

Ho and behold, it’s the lovely healer Mercy from Overwatch!
As soon as I got Freedon Nadd’s armor set from the DvL event, I immediately thought of how much it reminded me of Overwatch’s Mercy. Besides the passing thought I never really intended to do a cosplay of her in SWTOR since I never, ever, never do these kind of things in any of the games I play; I prefer my characters to be my own. But after messing around in the character creator, I ended up with a character that reminded me of Mercy so much I figured hey, why not. And this is the end result. After literally hours of searching for right parts and right dyes, I’d say I didn’t do too badly.

A few things to note:

* I don’t actually play Overwatch myself. The look is entirely based on the official artwork/pictures and some fanart I found online and used as a reference. I just really, really love the design of Overwatch characters so I wanted to give this a try!
* I couldn’t figure out 100% whether her pants were actually dark orange or dark brown… A lot of pictures showed both as an option, but I ended up going with brown to give her look a bit more change in terms of colors.
* After looking at the pictures to compare my Mercy’s look to the actual one’s, I realise she has a bit more “refined” eyebrows than I chose. I opted to go for a more “gentle” look since the more angrier eyebrows made her look a bit too angry in my opinion.
* The boots clip. Like, a lot. You can see it in the pictures where her weapon is not drawn. I chose these boots since the spots for dyes were the closest to Mercy’s boots (in my opinion), but yes. Clipping is an issue. If it bothers you, don’t choose these boots with this chest!
* I ended up with this particular headpiece since it gave her something as close to a halo as I could find, AND it gave her some armor around the neck and ears that she seemed to have. I know she doesn’t have a mic, but I think the headpiece works rather well as a whole.
* The last picture is definitely meant to be a joke. Please don’t take it too seriously. 😀

ItemNameColor Matched? /TuningDye/Crystal Color(s)Source
HeadRemnant Yavin Knight’s HeadgearNoWhite & Light OrangeAlliance Crates
ChestFreedon Nadd’s BreastplatePale Gray & Deep OrangeCartel Market / GTN
HandsCasual Connoisseur’s GlovesNoBlack & Light GrayCartel Market / GTN
WaistTaskmaster’s BeltYes&Cartel Market / GTN
LegsSatele Shan’s LeggingsNoDeep Yellow & Dark BrownCartel Market / GTN
FeetZakuulan Inquisitor’s BootsNoNone & Light OrangeCartel Market / GTN
WristsCasual Connoisseur’s BracersYes&Cartel Market / GTN
WeaponSerenity’s Unsealed LightsaberCartel Market / GTN

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