Dolmor – The Harbinger

  • Character: Dolmor of The Harbinger
  • Jedi Knight: Guardian
  • Submitted by: Salacious Crumb
  • I've been a lurker on this site for years and have finally decided it's time to start posting some of my outfits.

    Story: General Dolmor is a Dark Jedi. His lust for battle, war, killing, and absolute dedication to exterminating the Sith has led many to compare him to Revan during the Mandalorian Wars.

    Outfit: I wanted to create a Dark Side Jedi for a long time but could never find a look that fit. During the DvL event I was awarded the Recluse chest piece and the outfit just clicked together almost instantly.

    Item Name Color Matched? /Tuning Dye/Crystal Color(s) Source
    Head Rune Seeker's Helm Yes & Cartel Market/GTN
    Chest Sith Recluse Breastplate None & None Cartel Market/GTN
    Hands Zakuulan Preserver's Gauntlets Yes & Cartel Market/GTN
    Waist Remulus Dreypa's Belt Yes & Cartel Market/GTN
    Legs Freedon Nadd's Greaves Yes & Cartel Market/GTN
    Feet Zakuul Knight-Captain's Boots Yes & Cartel Market/GTN
    Wrists Remulus Dreypa's Bracers Yes & Cartel Market/GTN
    Weapon Forceweaver's Lightsaber PvP Vendor (Republic)/GTN