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TOR Fashion


  1. Jacob Anderson
    22 June 2016 @ 1323

    All it needs is a yellow-black color crystal…


    • Atlantic
      22 June 2016 @ 1755

      That would have been cool. I actually put zero effort into the weapon. Mostly this was about the outfit.


      • Sisqi
        28 June 2016 @ 0720

        Or go for blue to match the lights in the chest piece. Blue is not considered very Sithy though ;).


        • Atlantic
          28 June 2016 @ 0801

          But since it’s all about blending in, they would never suspect.


  2. Aeden Darko
    25 June 2016 @ 2109

    I really, really like this. The whole set works together so well but the brilliant part for me is how you made that line in the legs work with the boots as well. I’m a big fan (pun intended) of that headpiece as well. Great job mate!


    • Atlantic
      26 June 2016 @ 1525

      Thanks. I remember you using the same headpiece a little while back. For whatever reason it seems to need a high-necked chestpiece to look decent. I was surprised to see that the straps on the boots dyed so well, I guess it pays to plod through all the boots on the GTN lol.


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