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  1. Aek
    12 January 2017 @ 0107

    Where were the screenshots taken?


    • Tatiya
      12 January 2017 @ 0905

      There’s a quest line on Belsavis involving a Rakata mind trap which is pretty much a huge, blank white space. Pretty sure it’s a planetary quest and not Inquisitor specific, but don’t quote me on that.


      • Atlantic
        12 January 2017 @ 1703

        I went there with one of my Warriors (Unum) for a couple of shots. I haven’t tried any others or Republic side.


  2. Amodin
    17 January 2017 @ 1803

    One of my favorite looks here!


    • Atlantic
      17 January 2017 @ 2301

      Thanks! That means a lot since there are so many to choose from.


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