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TOR Fashion


  1. Sisqi
    6 June 2016 @ 1129

    Nice action shots!


    • Atlantic
      6 June 2016 @ 1200

      Thanks. I would have gone for simple detail shots but companions just won’t hold still. These were the next best thing.


      • Nyethux
        6 June 2016 @ 1722

        Could try to place them in your stronghold. Very nice pics and look for Xalek!


        • Atlantic
          6 June 2016 @ 1854

          I did that actually. I got some decent front/back/sides ones but realized later that I forgot to switch to windowed for the screenshots so they were all blank. I just went with what I had because his outfit is so similar to Droona’s anyway. Also, I really loved how the developers revamped him in KotFE but eventually I got bored with his outfit.


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