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Dye Modules (by color)

Primary BlackBlackDogfighter's Starfighter Pack
Binary Star Realty Reputation Vendor (Hero)
2 x CM Certificate + 25,000 creditsGold
Secondary BlackBlackGalactic Ace's Starfighter Pack
Binary Star Realty Reputation Vendor (Hero)
1 x CM Certificate + 25,000 creditsGold
Black and BlackBlackBlackCartel Market
Dye Module Kit
Cantina Crate
Black and Medium BlueBlackMedium BluePeople of Rishi Reputation Vendor (Champion)Schematic - 100,000 credits
Black and Deep BlueBlackDeep BlueCZ-198 Reputation Vendor (Champion)Schematic - 100,000 credits
Deep Blue and BlackDeep BlueBlackVoss Reputation Vendor (Champion)Schematic - 100,000 credits
Black and Light BrownBlackLight BrownConstable's Stronghold PackBronze
Black and Medium BrownBlackMedium BrownPilgrim's Shadow PackBronze
Black and Deep BrownBlackDeep BrownMid Rim Explorer's PackBronze
Deep Brown and BlackDeep BrownBlackOpportunist's Bounty PackSilver
Black and Light GrayBlackLight GrayArtifice (400)
Black and Medium GrayBlackMedium GrayConstable's Stronghold PackSilver
Deep Gray and BlackDeep GrayBlackContractor's Bounty PackGold
Black and Deep GreenBlackDeep GreenPursuer's Bounty PackSilver
Deep Green and BlackDeep GreenBlackTracker's Bounty PackSilver
Black and Medium OrangeBlackMedium OrangeGatekeeper's Stronghold PackBronze
Black and Deep OrangeBlackDeep OrangeTracker's Bounty PackSilver
Black and Deep PinkBlackDeep PinkCartel MarketGold
Deep Pink and BlackDeep PinkBlackCartel MarketGold
Black and Dark PurpleBlackDark PurpleMaster's Shadow Pack
Dye Module Kit
Dark Purple and BlackDark PurpleBlackContractor's Bounty PackSilver
Black and Deep RedBlackDeep RedOricon Reputation Vendor (Champion)Schematic - 100,000 credits
Deep Red and BlackDeep RedBlackSection X Reputation Vendor (Legend)Schematic - 100,000 credits
Dark Red and BlackDark RedBlackCoalition Forces on Yavin Reputation Vendor (Champion)Schematic - 100,000 credits
Black and WhiteBlackWhiteCartel Market
Dye Module Kit
White and BlackWhiteBlackCartel Market
Dye Module Kit
Black and Pale YellowBlackPale YellowArtifice (490)
Black and Medium YellowBlackMedium YellowCollector's Edition Vendor5,000 credits
Pale Blue and Pale GrayPale BluePale GrayArchon's Stronghold PackSilver
Pale Blue and Pale PinkPale BluePale PinkSeneschal's Stronghold PackBronze
Pale Blue and Medium PurplePale BlueMedium PurpleSupreme Mogul's Contraband PackBronze
Light Blue and Medium BlueLight BlueMedium BlueDye Module KitBronze
Light Blue and Deep GreenLight BlueDeep GreenPilgrim's Shadow PackBronze
Dark Purple and Light BlueDark PurpleLight BlueDye Module KitBronze
Medium Blue and Light OrangeMedium BlueLight OrangeArtifice (470)
Medium Orange and Medium BlueMedium OrangeMedium BlueArchon's Contraband PackBronze
Medium Blue and Medium PurpleMedium BlueMedium PurpleMid Rim Explorer's PackBronze
Medium Blue and WhiteMedium BlueWhiteArtifice (470)
Primary Deep BlueDeep BlueEsstran Exports Reputation Vendor (Newcomer)30,000 creditsPlatinum
Secondary Deep BlueDeep BlueEsstran Exports Reputation Vendor (Outsider)20,000 creditsPlatinum
Dark Brown and Deep BlueDark BrownDeep BlueArtifice (480)
Medium Green and Deep BlueMedium GreenDeep BlueWild Space Explorer's PackBronze
Deep Blue and Deep GreenDeep BlueDeep GreenPeople of Rishi Reputation Vendor (Newcomer)Schematic - 100,000 credits
Medium Purple and Deep BlueMedium PurpleDeep BlueApprentice's Shadow PackBronze
Light Gray and Deep BlueLight GrayDeep BlueContractor's Bounty PackBronze
Deep Blue and WhiteDeep BlueWhiteDye Module KitBronze
White and Deep BlueWhiteDeep BluePursuer's Bounty PackSilver
Deep Yellow and Deep BlueDeep YellowDeep BlueArtifice (470)
Dark Blue and Pale BrownDark BluePale BrownClub Vertica Nightlife PackBronze
Dark Blue and Light BrownDark BlueLight BrownDye Module KitBronze
Dark Blue and GrayDark BlueArtifice (620)
Gray and Dark BlueDark BlueArtifice (620)
Dark Blue and Deep GreenDark BlueDeep GreenArtifice (400)
Deep Green and Dark BlueDeep GreenDark BlueArtifice (400)
Dark Blue and Deep OrangeDark BlueDeep OrangeBronze
Dark Pink and Dark BlueDark PinkDeep BlueArtifice (520)
Dark Blue and Deep RedDark BlueDeep RedDye Module KitBronze
Deep Red and Dark BlueDeep RedDark BlueDye Module KitBronze
Primary Pale BrownPale BrownArtifice (250)
Secondary Pale BrownPale BrownArtifice (130)
Deep Gray and Pale BrownDeep GrayPale BrownClub Vertica Nightlife PackBronze
Dark Purple and Pale BrownDark PurplePale BrownDogfighter's Starfighter PackBronze
Pale Red and Pale BrownPale RedPale BrownArchon's Contraband PackBronze
Dark Red and Pale BrownDark RedPale BrownArchitect's Stronghold PackBronze
Light Brown and Dark BrownLight BrownDark BrownDeep Core Explorer's PackBronze
Light Brown and Pale GrayLight BrownPale GrayStar Cluster's Nightlife PackBronze
Dark Orange and Light BrownDark OrangeLight BrownStar Cluster's Nightlife PackBronze
White and Light BrownWhiteLight BrownArtifice (570)
Medium Brown and Medium GreenMedium BrownMedium GreenArchon's Contraband PackBronze
Dark Green and Medium BrownDark GreenMedium BrownPursuer's Bounty PackBronze
Dark Orange and Medium BrownDark OrangeMedium BrownFreebooter's Trade Union Reputation Vendor (Newcomer)1 x CM Certificate + 25,000 credits Platinum
Medium Brown and WhiteMedium BrownWhiteDye Module KitBronze
Medium Brown and Pale YellowMedium BrownPale YellowAcolyte's Shadow PackBronze
Deep Brown and Deep RedDeep BrownDeep RedBounty Broker's Association Reputation Vendor Schematic - 50 x Completed Bounty Contract
Deep Brown and WhiteDeep BrownWhiteArtifice (480)
Dark Brown and Medium BrownDark BrownMedium BrownDye Module KitBronze
Dark Brown and Light OrangeDark BrownLight OrangeClub Vertica Nightlife PackBronze
Dark Brown and WhiteDark BrownWhiteDye Module KitBronze
Deep Yellow and Dark BrownDeep YellowDark BrownArtifice (520)
Pale Gray and Dark GrayPale GrayDark GrayArtifice (460)
Pale Gray and Deep OrangePale GrayDeep OrangeArtifice (460)
Pale Gray and Dark YellowPale GrayDark YellowDye Module Kit
Cantina Crate
Light Gray and Pale PinkLight GrayPale PinkArchitect's Stronghold PackBronze
Light Gray and Dark PurpleLight GrayDark PurpleTracker's Bounty PackBronze
Light Gray and Deep RedLight GrayDeep RedGSI Reputation Vendor Schematic
Deep Red and Light GrayDeep RedLight GrayMakeb Reputation Vendor (Legend)Schematic - 100,000
White and Light GrayWhiteLight GrayArtifice (520)
Primary Medium GrayMedium GrayArtifice (400)
Secondary Medium GrayMedium GrayArtifice (100)
Medium Gray and Medium GrayMedium GrayMedium GrayArtifice (520)
Medium Gray and Dark GreenMedium GrayDark GreenDye Module KitBronze
Pale Purple and Medium GrayPale PurpleMedium GrayGalactic Ace's Starfighter PackBronze
Medium Gray and Dark PurpleMedium GrayDark PurpleFreebooter's Trade Union Reputation Vendor (Newcomer)1 x CM Certificate + 25,000 creditsPlatinum
Medium Gray and WhiteMedium GrayWhiteDye Module KitSilver
White and Medium GrayWhiteMedium GrayGatekeeper's Stronghold PackBronze
Deep Gray and Deep PinkDeep GrayDeep PinkCartel MarketSilver
Deep Pink and Deep GrayDeep PinkDeep GrayCartel MarketSilver
Dark Pink and Dark GrayDark PinkDark GrayOuter Rim Explorer's PackBronze
Deep Gray and Dark PurpleDeep GrayDark PurpleInterplanetary Component Exchange Reputation Vendor (Newcomer)15,000 creditsPlatinum
Medium Yellow and Deep GrayMedium YellowDeep GraySpace Jockey's Starfighter PackBronze
Primary Dark GrayDark GrayStar Cluster's Nightlife PackSilver
Secondary Dark GrayDark GrayClub Vertica's Nightlife PackBronze
Medium Red and Dark GrayMedium RedDark GrayApprentice's Shadow PackBronze
Dark Gray and Deep RedDark GrayDeep RedInterplanetary Component Exchange Reputation Vendor (Newcomer)15,000 creditsPlatinum
White and Pale GreenWhitePale GreenArtifice (470)
Medium Orange and Light GreenMedium OrangeLight GreenSupreme Mogul's Contraband PackBronze
Medium Green and Dark GreenMedium GreenDark GreenDye Module KitBronze
Medium Green and Deep PurpleMedium GreenDeep PurpleSeneschal's Stronghold PackBronze
Deep Purple and Medium GreenDeep PurpleMedium GreenCollector's Edition Vendor 5,000 credits
Medium Red and Medium GreenMedium RedMedium GreenSupreme Mogul's Contraband PackBronze
Primary Deep GreenDeep GreenArtifice (310)
Secondary Deep GreenDeep GreenArtifice (220)
Deep Green and WhiteDeep GreenWhiteCoalition Force on Yavin Reputation Vendor (Newcomer)Schematic - 100,000 credits
Deep Green and Medium YellowDeep GreenMedium YellowCollector's Edition Vendor5,000 credits
Dark Green and Medium GreenDark GreenMedium GreenBronze
Dark Green and Deep RedDark GreenDeep RedArtifice (470)
Dark Red and Light RedDeep RedLight RedWild Space Explorer's PackBronze
Dark Green and WhiteDark GreenWhiteDye Module Kit
Cantina Crate
White and Dark GreenWhiteDark GreenOpportunist's Bounty PackSilver
Dark Green and Light YellowDark GreenLight YellowMaster's Shadow PackBronze
Olive Green and Tan Cartel Market
Pale Orange and Dark Orange Steadfast Champion PackSilver
Primary Light OrangeLight OrangeArtifice (340)
Secondary Light OrangeLight OrangeArtifice (160)
Light Orange and WhiteLight OrangeWhiteArtifice (340)
White and Light OrangeWhiteLight OrangeArtifice (370)
Medium Orange and Pale YellowMedium OrangePale YellowSupreme Mogul's Contraband PackBronze
Orange and Black Cartel Market
Orange and Pale Blue Cartel Market
Orange and Soft Pink Cartel Market
Orange and Red Cartel Market
Orange and White WhiteCartel Market
Deep Orange and Light BlueDeep OrangeLight BlueArtifice (570)
Deep Orange and Deep RedDeep OrangeDeep RedCollector's Edition Vendor 5,000 credits
White and Dark OrangeWhiteDark OrangeDeep Core Explorer's PackBronze
Deep Purple and Medium PinkDeep PurpleMedium PinkSupreme Mogul's Contraband PackSilver
White and Medium PinkWhiteMedium PinkBounty Broker's Association Reputation Vendor Schematic - 50 x Completed Bounty Contract
Primary Deep PinkDeep PinkCartel MarketSilver
Secondary Deep PinkDeep PinkCartel MarketSilver
Deep Pink and Deep PurpleDeep PinkDeep PurpleDye Module KitSilver
Deep Pink and WhiteDeep PinkWhiteCartel MarketGold
White and Deep PinkWhiteDeep PinkCartel MarketGold
Light Yellow and Deep PinkLight YellowDeep PinkHotshot's Starfighter PackBronze
Pale Purple and Medium GrayCartel Market
White and Light PurpleWhiteLight PurpleAcolyte's Shadow PackBronze
Medium Purple and Dark RedMedium PurpleDark RedOuter Rim Explorer's PackBronze
Dark Red and Medium PurpleDark RedMedium PurpleArtifice (480)
Primary Deep PurpleDeep PurpleArtifice (400)
Secondary Deep PurpleDeep PurpleArtifice (190)
Deep Purple and Light YellowDeep PurpleLight YellowArtifice (480)
Dark Purple and Light PurpleDark PurpleLight PurpleArchon's Contraband PackBronze
Deep Red and Dark PurpleDeep RedDark PurpleDye Module KitBronze
Dark Purple and Deep YellowDark PurpleDeep YellowDye Module KitBronze
Dark Purple and WhiteDark PurpleWhiteOpportunist's Bounty PackSilver
White and Medium RedWhiteMedium RedArtifice (470)
Primary Deep RedDeep RedEsstran Exports Reputation Vendor (Newcomer)20,000 creditsPlatinum
Secondary Deep RedDeep RedEsstran Exports Reputation Vendor (Outsider)20,000 creditsPlatinum
Deep Red and WhiteDeep RedWhiteDye Module KitBronze
White and Deep RedWhiteDeep RedSecurity Key Vendor5,000 credits
Deep Red and Deep YellowDeep RedDeep YellowDye Module KitBronze
Dark Red and Pale RedDark RedPale RedSupreme Mogul's Contraband PackBronze
Primary WhiteWhiteSpace Jockey's Starfighter PackSilver
Secondary WhiteWhiteHotshot's Starfighter PackSilver
White and WhiteWhiteWhiteCartel Market
Dye Module Kit
Dark Yellow and Medium YellowDark YellowMedium YellowArchon's Contraband PackBronze
Adept PilotDiscord PackSilver
Ancient Warrior's Light Blue and Medium RedCartel MarketSilver
Ancient Warrior's Medium Red and Light BlueCartel MarketSilver
Ceremonial YellowPrecious Cargo PackSilver
ColdweatherPrecious Cargo PackSilver
Deck OfficerSingularity PackSilver
Emperor's Hand Light Gray and Dark GrayCartel MarketSilver
Fleet CommanderSingularity PackSilver
Force Trainee Spoils of War PackSilver
Forest CamoArmed Resistance PackSilver
Guardian Bronze and Dark BlueCartel MarketSilver
Guardian Dark Blue and BronzeCartel MarketSilver
High Roller Grey and GoldCartel MarketSilver
Honorable GeneralSpoils of War PackSilver
Honor GuardSpoils of War PackSilver
Hyperspace Light Blue and Deep BlueCartel MarketSilver
Olive Green and Tan Dread Warlord PackSilver
Outback Settler's Brown and GrayCartel MarketSilver
RevolutionarySpoils of War PackSilver
Squad Officer's Brown and GrayCartel MarketSilver
Tan and Orange FlightsuitCartel MarketSilver
Uniform Deep BlueDread Warlord PackSilver
Vice Admiral's Purple and GrayCartel MarketSilver
Wastelander Gray and TanCartel MarketSilver
Wayward Warrior Discord PackSilver


  1. JasonRyder
    3 June 2014 @ 1708

    Where is Primary pink? I don’t see it here.


    • Exiled Messenger
      3 June 2014 @ 1710

      I’ve never seen Primary Pink.


      • JRP
        24 August 2015 @ 0825

        I think that he meant the Pink dye module that only has the one slot — Primary.


        • Exiled Messenger
          24 August 2015 @ 0830

          Yeah, that conversation was a year ago. I’ve since found the primary deep pink and added it to the page.


          • JRP
            24 August 2015 @ 0857

            Okay. I didn’t really notice the date of the message, lol. And there still are a few colors that haven’t came out yet in the Dye Modules — Pale Orange, Light Red, and Light Pink. Plus a lot of color combos that they haven’t added just yet in game.

          • Exiled Messenger
            24 August 2015 @ 0904

            I talk a little about some of the missing colors in this post. I didn’t go into detail on the missing combinations though since there are so many.


  2. MBFHL
    9 December 2014 @ 0727

    This is missing Primary Pink, Secondary Pink, and White and Medium Pink.


  3. George Mason
    26 December 2014 @ 0201

    Where on earth (or space for that matter) do you get the white and medium pink dye mods from? They appear made by artifices, but I can not figure out where the schematic comes from


    • Exiled Messenger
      26 December 2014 @ 1316

      Bounty Broker Association Reputation vendor for 50 x Completed Bounty Contracts.


  4. MBFHL
    30 April 2015 @ 0420

    The dye from the Master’s Shadow Pack is Black and Dark Purple, it is not Black and Deep Purple. (It was originally called Deep Purple, but it was always Dark and they changed the name in 3.2 to actually be Black and Dark Purple).


    • Exiled Messenger
      30 April 2015 @ 0749

      Thanks. That’s frustrating since we already have a Black and Dark Purple dye.


    • Growthor
      29 December 2015 @ 1133

      Is this still obtainable?


  5. Tombstone
    21 August 2015 @ 2010

    Freebooter’s Trade Union doesn’t sell Artifice Schematics, just straight dyes.


    • Exiled Messenger
      22 August 2015 @ 0745



  6. Sabretooth
    3 December 2015 @ 0143

    any release dates for featured dyes?


  7. Vicious
    10 April 2016 @ 0336

    the secondary black dye is 1 cartel cert, not 2


  8. MandaloreTheDestructor
    15 June 2016 @ 1352

    Where do you get Dark green and deep green (duo) dye?


    • Exiled Messenger
      15 June 2016 @ 1414

      I’ve never seen a Dark Green and Deep Green dye module.


  9. Thomas Parsons
    17 June 2016 @ 2154

    arrrrrg is there no red dye that matches the havoc squad armor set or the regul


      29 June 2016 @ 1406

      What about the white/medium red dye, craftet with artefice?


  10. Majigh Z
    13 March 2017 @ 1432

    No Red and Red Dye. What a shame.


  11. Justin Barrett
    30 March 2017 @ 0412

    It’s so frustrating that they made black and dark red/dark red and black dyes so god damn readily available but not white and deep blue? 🙁 That’s the only white/blue dye that looks good and it only comes from a damn pack. What a joke.


  12. Jonathan Parker
    22 April 2017 @ 1430

    Is there no way to get Medium Red as a secondary by itself? Man, I wish they’d just let us dye stuff whatever color we want like so many other games with better cosmetic armor and outfit systems.


  13. d*ü
    5 February 2018 @ 0934

    Why are the links goint to that stupid and useless swtordata page?


    • Exiled Messenger
      5 February 2018 @ 0958

      That’s rude. I happen to think it’s a very useful site, especially with the Cartel Market and GTN tracking tools. The owner is a good friend and has been very responsive in creating tools to help me. Not to mention he’s been very kind in advertising TOR Fashion and TOR Decorating.


  14. Iris
    10 November 2019 @ 1624

    A few things that probably changed with Onslaught, but might predate that because my memory sucks
    – white and pale green/white and medium red are Artifice (470) not Artifice (490)
    – two Artifice (570) dyes not on this list: White and Light Brown/Deep Orange and Light Blue. Pretty sure I got both off the trainer in 6.0, but again, memory sucks and I didn’t realize I would be typing this up at the time.
    – you have the new blue and gray dyes on here but not their rank, they’re Artifice (620)

    Thanks for all the work you put into this site!


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