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Dye Modules (by color)

Please see Dulfy’s Dye Modules Guide for the same information sorted differently.

  • JasonRyder

    Where is Primary pink? I don’t see it here.

    • Exiled Messenger

      I’ve never seen Primary Pink.

      • JRP

        I think that he meant the Pink dye module that only has the one slot — Primary.

        • Exiled Messenger

          Yeah, that conversation was a year ago. I’ve since found the primary deep pink and added it to the page.

          • JRP

            Okay. I didn’t really notice the date of the message, lol. And there still are a few colors that haven’t came out yet in the Dye Modules — Pale Orange, Light Red, and Light Pink. Plus a lot of color combos that they haven’t added just yet in game.

          • Exiled Messenger

            I talk a little about some of the missing colors in this post. I didn’t go into detail on the missing combinations though since there are so many.



    This is missing Primary Pink, Secondary Pink, and White and Medium Pink.

  • George Mason

    Where on earth (or space for that matter) do you get the white and medium pink dye mods from? They appear made by artifices, but I can not figure out where the schematic comes from

    • Exiled Messenger

      Bounty Broker Association Reputation vendor for 50 x Completed Bounty Contracts.


    The dye from the Master’s Shadow Pack is Black and Dark Purple, it is not Black and Deep Purple. (It was originally called Deep Purple, but it was always Dark and they changed the name in 3.2 to actually be Black and Dark Purple).

    • Exiled Messenger

      Thanks. That’s frustrating since we already have a Black and Dark Purple dye.

    • Growthor

      Is this still obtainable?

  • Tombstone

    Freebooter’s Trade Union doesn’t sell Artifice Schematics, just straight dyes.

    • Exiled Messenger


  • Sabretooth

    any release dates for featured dyes?

  • Vicious

    the secondary black dye is 1 cartel cert, not 2

  • MandaloreTheDestructor

    Where do you get Dark green and deep green (duo) dye?

    • Exiled Messenger

      I’ve never seen a Dark Green and Deep Green dye module.

  • Thomas Parsons

    arrrrrg is there no red dye that matches the havoc squad armor set or the regul


      What about the white/medium red dye, craftet with artefice?

  • Majigh Z

    No Red and Red Dye. What a shame.

  • Justin Barrett

    It’s so frustrating that they made black and dark red/dark red and black dyes so god damn readily available but not white and deep blue? 🙁 That’s the only white/blue dye that looks good and it only comes from a damn pack. What a joke.

  • Jonathan Parker

    Is there no way to get Medium Red as a secondary by itself? Man, I wish they’d just let us dye stuff whatever color we want like so many other games with better cosmetic armor and outfit systems.

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