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  1. Aeden
    21 April 2016 @ 1439

    Weird. Two of my entries didn’t make it.
    Remnant Dreadguard Inquisitor’s Headgear
    Carth Onasi’s Bracers


    • Steve
      21 April 2016 @ 1544

      Every time I get a good chunk of credits built up you do this and I have to spend some. STOP IT LOLOL kidding… freakin awesome as usual.


      • Aeden
        23 April 2016 @ 1543

        I know what you mean man I’ve spent too much money on all that stuff too but what else would we spend it on? We’ll always get more too. =D


  2. Errtai
    22 April 2016 @ 0031

    Actually I’m not a big fan of Malgus’ set but you yet again managed to make something unique out of it, really nice job. The belt is… well yeah, you said you like it so that’s fine then.


    • Aeden
      23 April 2016 @ 1542

      I still had trouble finding an alternate for that belt. Got any recommendations?


      • Errtai
        23 April 2016 @ 1717

        Actually I like Atton’s belt a lot but only on single blaster using characters (aka Scoundrels or Powertechs). Troopers or Agents can use it as well in my opinion because they have a blaster in cut scenes. But I, personally, can’t see myself using it on a Force user.
        For your set, the first belt I think of is the Remnant Arkanian Warrior belt as its buckle matches the red eyes of your head piece. Enhanced Assailant set’s belt or Red Blade’s belt also have some nice little red lights on them.
        Alternatively you can use a belt that has a circular buckle such as Intimidator or Lana Beniko’s belt or Karness Muur’s belt as such a belt can match the circular thingy the chest piece has.
        But if you don’t want to bother with matching colors or shapes :), then you can never go wrong with Eidolon’s belt.


        • Aeden
          23 April 2016 @ 1849

          Wish I hadn’t read this yet. Got another 4 hours at work and the Karness one I def wanna check out. Like right now. If that doesn’t work I’ll try the others. Hope it color matches with the black well enough.


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