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  1. Ri'ann Dor
    23 May 2016 @ 0307

    Ohh, I like how well this outfit color matched. The dark brown gives the legs, belt and bracers this nice finish of well-worn supple leather. That’s awesome.
    And I think she would look great with a shaved head too! Although the cybernetic skull plate adds a nice touch as well.
    The screenshots are as always amazing!


    • Aeden
      23 May 2016 @ 0852

      Thanks for saying so. The color was the big inspiration for this too and the Raider’s Cove pants. Man I dig those.


  2. Sisqi
    23 May 2016 @ 0839

    Cool at the top but not so cool at the bottom though? šŸ˜‰


    • Aeden
      23 May 2016 @ 0850

      There was only one other boot I found that I liked other than this and I haven’t got it yet. It’s the Exarch Force-Lords gold trim ones. It’s really nice. Just like me to take a bikini and try to fit it with football shoulder pads. lmao!


      • Sisqi
        23 May 2016 @ 1117

        Well, have you ever seen the crop top femal trooper outfits? It takes all sorts ;).


  3. Aeden
    23 May 2016 @ 0855

    It was late and I was having issues with my computer while posting so here goes some missing gear entries. Frontline Veteran Boots.


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