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  1. Ri'ann Dor
    23 May 2016 @ 0316

    I’m not the biggest fan of skimpy outfits…but damn, does she wear it well!
    I very much like how the black and brown turned out here…the brown has this bronze sheen to it which adds a little luxurious appeal to the fabric. It’s a great outfit!
    Maybe the copper color crystal would be a good fit as well for the lightsaber?


    • Sisqi
      23 May 2016 @ 0849

      What she said and with this particular chest piece and a voluptuous chest, I don’t think those breasts would stay behind the tabbard but most likely fall out. Just imagine that in a light saber battle…. ;P


      • Aeden
        23 May 2016 @ 0903

        Lmao! You totally made me spit out my coffee. I’ve never had my own pair to experience that so please forgive. 😀


      • Njessi
        23 May 2016 @ 0918

        SRS, with these underboobs and sideboob weirdnesses, it is apparent that the devs don’t understand boobs or gravity.


      • DeeGee
        23 May 2016 @ 0936

        Centuries ago, the Hutts funded the most brilliant minds in the galaxy to invent super high performance breast tape. I don’t know that for a fact, but it would explain a lot!


        • Shock
          23 May 2016 @ 1037

          I heard hutt drool is very sticky… I don’t wanna use a tape produced by hutts. ;P


          • DeeGee
            23 May 2016 @ 1122

            Fair enough! Seriously though, I really dig this look. The headpiece and belt give it kind of a cool industrial scene twist, to my eye anyway.

        • Sisqi
          23 May 2016 @ 1115



    • Aeden
      23 May 2016 @ 0906

      Thanks for noticing and the kind words. I went through every dye type several times before I finally decided on this one. Unfortunately that is one of the few color crystals I don’t have besides some of the ultra rare ones but great suggestion all the same.


    • Aeden Darko
      25 June 2016 @ 2127

      Thanks for that suggestion. I recently picked up a copper crystal for a decent price. Appreciated.


  2. Aeden
    23 May 2016 @ 0901

    Remnant Underworld Inquisitor’s Gloves
    Blade Tyrant Boots
    Confiscated Mercenary Leggings
    Carth Onasi’s Bracers


  3. Errtai
    24 May 2016 @ 0921

    Since yesterday I’m thinking of something to say that is more constructive and useful than just “Wow, nice”, but man, can’t find anything :(. I want to say something like “this chest would go better with this other gloves” or something like that, but nope, nothing comes to my mind.
    So, would you accept a mere “Wow, nice” for this time? Please? 🙂


  4. Naomi
    20 February 2017 @ 0814

    This look would go well with a Gunslinger dressed up as Ada Wong! lovely put together here. I might just have to use it myself ( :


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