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  1. Jen'Ari-Asha
    14 April 2017 @ 0726

    You are without a doubt one of the most talented outfit designers on here


    • Aeden Darko
      15 April 2017 @ 2043

      Awwz thanks but you should have a look at the menu/characters/prolific posters page. Plenty of great posters there besides myself. Thank you for the kind words. You got me blushin’.


  2. Zakuul's Sniper
    4 November 2017 @ 1551

    How did you do the tenth and the eleventh pictures from the top?


  3. Karna
    19 December 2017 @ 1236

    This looks Amazing. Like, really really damned good. The only thing out of place are the boots, which look too bulky for the rest of the set. But aside from that, 10/10.


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