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TOR Fashion


  1. Errtai
    18 March 2016 @ 1241

    Very nice. The little red “lights” on the gloves combo well with the red eyes of the mask and that other little red thingy on the chest piece. If I may, I have a suggestion:
    Use Remnant ArkanianWarrior’s Belt and the boots from Dark Legionnaire set. They both have those little red lights too. Result would be something like this below.
    You should of course combine this with a Red color crystal which you already did and which looks awesome.
    Thumbs up! 🙂


    • Aeden
      18 March 2016 @ 2149

      Thanks mate! I was thinking about doing red lights on the belt but I fricking love this belt. I knew it wasn’t gonna be perfect but I thought the waist of the chest (with the wavy pattern) matched the belt buckle front and back which was the allure for me. When I get back on her I’ll def check out the boot combo. Thanks for that.


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