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  1. Aeden
    22 March 2016 @ 1459

    The Emergence of Dzhaan

    Sith Acolytes arrived at a slaver camp to find nine Trandoshans dead in a variety of horrible ways. Most were unrecognizable. Skulls crushed, limbs torn clean from their torsos, chunks of flesh and skin missing from their bodies. Some had their teeth pulled, eyes gouged. They happened upon a lone woman cradling a huge wrench like it was her child. She was kneeling, facing a trash compactor and she repeatedly pushed the on/off switch where several more Trandoshan bodies were being mangled inside. Without rising she turned her head to the nearest Acolyte as she knelt, she smiled and said “Would you like to play too?”.

    Off to Korriban for training for Dzhaan. The horrors of the galaxy are as real as her mental illness. Clearly the torment of this slave went far beyond what she was capable of and though she seems quite intelligent, well spoken and somewhat coherent. She’s broken. She is madness, chaos with a saber. There is no reasoning in her actions. She is cunning, yet seemingly aloof. She is completely unpredictable and kills without any warning. She has no problem putting her hilt to the chest of anyone and turns it on just to cut a conversation short. Imagine Luna Lovegood, spacey but aware of things not often seen by others yet so immersed in the dark side she could cry black tears.

    Before connecting with her current companions for a short time Dzhaan had a crew of mercs as ship hands aboard her vessel. Dzhaan suffers from vicious nightmares from her past torture and being a force sensitive really complicates things. So harsh she had her quarters fitted on her ship to tolerate mass amounts of force lightning should she awake from one. Dzhaan awoke from a sleep to a quiet ship one day to find her entire crew dead. She found her droid piloting the ship solo and asked what happened to her crew. The droid said it was the weirdest thing (treading lightly as to not end up scrap). There was a scream from your quarters and the room filled up with lightning. Then all the mercenaries started dying in different ways. Some seemed to be hanging in the air holding their throats, others seemed to have their life force drained and others seemed to dissolve…….or disintegrate into sand sized particles of blood. “So it’s just you and I then!”, said Dzhaan. She stopped the ship and had the droid pile all the bodies into the airlock. She left the airlock pressurized and opened the hatch only slightly. The vacuum vs the small exit allowed tore all the bodies into tiny pieces as they spilled out into the cold of space. Dzhaan watched from the cockpit and squealed “Don’t you just love confetti”.

    During her time on Korriban Dzhaans training was wrought with complications on an almost daily basis. Her punishments and torture became routine regiments of her training. The more she learned, the more powerful she became and the more trouble she got in. What was initially thought to be an attack on Korriban by a small group and alerted no less than 4 masters to the congregation hall where most trainees ate, a 5th master proceeded into the hall to a sight not easily forgotten. The hall itself was consumed by a force tornado. Sith and all the contents of the room were being hurled everywhere into the air. Dzhaan was engaged with 3 Masters in a saber duel while the 4th was in flight. She turned to the master and screamed “No one takes MY fork!”, as she hurled lightning his way. Which really wasn’t the case, she simply fell asleep at the table due to a long training day and had a nightmare. She was rendered unconscious, brought before the council and they assigned very creative and effective torture for her. However the new torture was too effective and it set off her trauma and her antagonists started dying as they initiated the torture. After too many deaths the council simply gave up the torture sessions. When Dzhaan was being tortured every force sensitive on Korriban could feel her rage and those close by could feel her power. Either that or the ground and walls really were shaking.

    The council seemed perplexed and divided on this situation. Some members thought to dispose of her sensing she would one day be a threat while others saw great promise and she was eventually to become Lord Zash’ apprentice despite her indiscretions.

    Dzhaan is a sight to be seen in battle but she also has recently been reallocated by Zash and the council to suit her needs in battle due to significant loss of life. Dzhaan suffers from blood lust on the battlefields and has been seen not only dispatching foes but her own allies as well. Sometimes she’s emotionless but the rest of the time she’s either laughing or crying while battling. She can be heard in battle speaking about her self as a third person. Random odd phrases spill from her in between saber strikes. “That is not how you clean carbon scars from the hull”, “I need new boots” or “This soup is poison, the chef must die”. In battle she sometimes drifts off and in her moment of weakness when her opponent strikes, she blocks and counters as if she always knew the attack was coming. As if she was just waiting for the moment to come.

    If she manages to survive long enough she will likely become a Legendary stealth fighter. She will charge head on at a Jedi and vanish just before the sabers connect. The Jedi has no idea what has happened until they realize that they’re looking up at their own headless body as it bounces several times before resting.

    During the raids on Alderaan there was one battle in particular involving many Sith vs many Jedi. Dzhaan was wounded and stopped fighting. She felt pain, her seared nerves and burnt skin smelled fresh, disgusting and she loved it, took power from it. Dzhaan screamed like a banshee as she unleashed force lighting as far as the eye could see. None survived, not Jedi, nor Sith. Even the ground and foliage was burnt to partial dust and ash. Most of the cloth on her armor was disintegrated and very little remained than the metal that held it all together.

    A companion who will not be named swore she once confided to a control panel on her ships wall that she is only a vessel for the force and the force guides everything she does. Some think she speaks to ghosts other claim she’s just mad. With the exception of Khem Val it is thought that her other companions only stay out of fear for their lives should they leave.

    Most who die by her saber feel they succumbed to her madness and power but few others sense the madness is only a deception covering something deeply dark and extremely well calculated. No one dares to ask or even think it should she become aware of their thoughts. Should her companions be brave enough to comment on this they would likely confirm this truth.

    After the destruction on Alderann Dzhaan went back to her ship and summoned her crew via intercom. The crew gathered horrified and ready to fight. They recognized Dzhaans voice but she looked completely identical to the last Jedi she had killed that day on the planet below. She turned to Khem but addressed Lord Zash and asked “Is this repayment for your demise?”. A quick DNA scan revealed that Dzhaan is in fact a changeling. Dzhaan doesn’t remember anything of her life before her captors. Nor does she remember anything about being a changeling. After viewing them on monitors Dzhaan feels no allegiance toward her fellow species and is actually repulsed by them. While most changelings require focus to hold another shape she simply lives in whatever form she desires.

    This complicates her fragile over sightings with the council as some feel ever more threatened by the news of her being a changeling. One council member in particular Lord Theranton seeks to destroy her as being a changeling and a powerful force user are a match not to be underrated. The coming times will test her more than anything before. All that remains to be seen is whether she is up to the task.


    • Aeden
      6 April 2016 @ 1433

      Dammit! I meant Thanaton, Lord Thanaton. Hate spell fails. Ugh!


    • Hungry Jedi
      9 April 2016 @ 1406

      This bio is incredible. I wish there was a book written about this character. i would read it for sure. Thanks for this.


      • Aeden
        23 April 2016 @ 2139

        Hey! No prob. I’m glad you like it. Got all RP like boss there. Lmao! Thanks for the kind words.


  2. Errtai
    22 March 2016 @ 1545

    This is not just awesome. This is beyond awesome. Oh my God. You’re raising the bar pretty high sir.


    • Aeden
      22 March 2016 @ 1836

      You really think so? I was just looking for a loophole so I could post w/e species on the same toon I wanted to. lolz! Glad you like it!


  3. Jacob Anderson
    23 March 2016 @ 1139

    Not to harp on your parade or anything, but that saber color just doesn’t seem to fit. I freaking LOVE the saber itself, but a different color crystal (maybe a solid white, white/black/ or even white/purple) might fit the build a little nicer 🙂


    • Aeden
      23 March 2016 @ 1508

      I was never into the white or BW crystals but now after seeing them in this saber I wish I’d collected them back then. Thanks for the advice. I only put this suit together yesterday cause I wanted to get this story/bio out so it was kinda done half assed. Usually before I shoot a set I try every crystal I have but I didn’t do that this time unfortunately. I honestly wish I could have this color but without the black in it. That would be great for me. Thanks again mate.


      • Jacob Anderson
        25 March 2016 @ 1659

        Happy to give inspiration (assuming that’s what I did :P)


    • Aeden
      23 March 2016 @ 1510

      I can totally picture it in my head now and I think you’re right.


  4. gua543
    23 March 2016 @ 1443

    Ayy lmao, I influenced Aeden *+10 charisma*


    • Aeden
      23 March 2016 @ 1501

      Next time it will cost you some Imperial Memorobilia or Delacacies. Lmao!


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