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TOR Fashion


  1. Tykè
    9 April 2016 @ 1157

    Personally, I like it but switch the head with ceremonial mystic. Also when did I give you the idea to make another toon? I don’t remember that.


    • Aeden
      9 April 2016 @ 1218

      Errr, I think it’s under Aedens Gallery Pt 2 but in all fairness she started out as a Chiss but has changed species four times now I think. 😛

      I would still like to do a Smuggy type maybe next but for now I’m having lots of fun with this girl. I only have that helm on Aeden unfortunately and I won’t be unlocking that set anytime soon. It’s ugly, hard to find a use for it and it costs way too much considering all that. lolz!


      • Aeden
        9 April 2016 @ 1243

        Damn, you weren’t kidding. This is nice.


  2. Errtai
    9 April 2016 @ 1224

    I think this one looks very nice. Like, VERY nice. Always a fan of Lana’s belt and it fits nicely here too.
    The other one with the duster coat is cool too but I have a personal dislike for that particular duster coat. Its collar somehow reminds me of my old elementary school days (don’t even ask!!). I think the other duster coat (unfettered trench coat one) would look nicer on her. Yes, it’s a bit revealing but hey; she’s a Sith, right?
    And yes, this one’s really nice.


    • Aeden
      9 April 2016 @ 1235

      Oh I have that coat and I’ve been thinking of putting her in some more revealing armors as well. I’ll def check it out later. The other belt I was gonna try with this was the new Wartime Ambassador one which was a close second. Damn, I have to go to work soon and i wish you had mentioned that earlier. Lmao!


  3. Aeden
    10 April 2016 @ 1055

    Calling all TOR-Fashion lovers. I just submitted a request in the TOR suggestion box for a black shot location on Tatooine. However unlikely it would be nice to have such a thing. If you should agree with me show your support by stopping by and letting them know. Thanks!

    Request for black space for screen shots on Tatooine


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