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  1. Aeden
    16 April 2016 @ 0045

    Oh in case anyone’s interested the alternate helmet is the “Force Magister’s Headgear”.

    LTB job at bioware designing outfits. 😛
    /emote Holds up sign “Will work for Cartel Coins.”



  2. Tykè
    16 April 2016 @ 0843

    I remember now when i gave you the idea to create her


  3. lemon
    16 April 2016 @ 1356

    I like how you’re trying out different dyes for dark side characters. More of that, please. Of course, everything looks great when it’s black/black but that dye is just too ridiculously expensive to be taken seriously by most players.


    • Aeden
      16 April 2016 @ 1456

      I never use black/black or white/white dyes. They are too expensive and quite honesty there are few occasions when they actually improve the looks of armor. They often drown out some of the amazing details on armors too. Not that I wouldn’t use it if I had them but it would have to be a really great set of armor that I would keep for a long time. White/gray and black/gray or even primary or secondary mono tones usually work even better. When I preview suits I keep one of each of those in my inventory at all times to see how it affects each gear set. It helps show what parts of armor are affected by what dyes.


      • Steve
        16 April 2016 @ 1711

        I could have bought me a white/white for almost 6 million or a white/light gray for 49000…. guess which I picked.


  4. Steve
    16 April 2016 @ 1654

    ok man normally i’d make fun of those hats but um.. shed stick that saber where I don’t really want it O_O lolol


    • Aeden
      16 April 2016 @ 1701

      You’ve gotta respect the crazy ones for sure. Lmao! It’s funny you mention that. I was just thinking today I spent a ton of creds on the Malgus set and can’t find a use for it yet but I grab a white leveled hat for 200-600 creds from a vendor and I’m gtg. Crazy how stuff works out that way. I like different head gear for sure. Especially ones you don’t see everyday. Btw I saw your vid you posted. Even though I haven’t played that part o the story yet it was a fun spoiler. Felt weird seeing my toon played by someone else. Ha ha ha! Loved it!


      • Steve
        16 April 2016 @ 1710

        Hey its my toon I spend the CCs in it! LOL Hes slightly different looking but only slight. I put the outfit with heavy ideas from you and another poster on this site I forget the name.


  5. Njessi
    16 April 2016 @ 2046

    Are there *any* good hats in this game? Geesh.


  6. lord potato
    17 April 2016 @ 1235

    Dromund Kaas nobility 😀


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