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  1. gua543
    13 March 2016 @ 1234

    Force sensitivity so strong you switched races at the end. #unlimitedpower


    • Aeden
      13 March 2016 @ 1250

      bwah ha ha!!! nice! #supergrin


  2. Darth Drakazi
    13 March 2016 @ 1801

    Ngl I thought the thumbnail was batman.
    +1 anyway because amazong outfit.


    • Aeden
      13 March 2016 @ 2304

      Thanks mate! Mebe Cat Girl/Woman?


  3. Errtai
    14 March 2016 @ 0350

    Man, this site was too dull without you, so glad you’re back.
    The outfit is amazing but the screenshots are even more amazing! 12th pic with red colors around her…. wow. Good job as always. Shamelessly copy/paste’ing it for my assassin!
    PS: Her human form looks better :).


    • Aeden
      14 March 2016 @ 1428

      Man, thanks for saying so. I have lots more sets ready but I didn’t want to bore anyone. I know about the human thing. I shouldn’t have committed to Cathar until I got this round of screenies done but too late. After these sets I’m gonna try to make suits based around the Cathar so hopefully they’ll turn out better. Thanks for being honest, I feel the same way and I appreciate it.

      You have been busy too man. I’m just getting through your most recent and they’re terrific. Well done man.


      • Errtai
        17 March 2016 @ 1343

        Here you go. A few changes here and there but still…


        • Aeden
          20 March 2016 @ 1229

          Totally making me jealous. This looks great and it makes me wish even more that I didn’t change over to Cathar. Ahhh!


        • Aeden
          27 March 2016 @ 1019

          You totally costed me 792 CC’s Errtai. 😀

          Well worth it.


          • Errati
            27 March 2016 @ 1159

            Haha 🙂 Well, that’s an “acceptable” amount next to the credits and CCs you made me spend so far. 🙂

  4. Jaqo
    20 February 2017 @ 0649

    What a look! I love it.
    Also, may I ask what settings you used for Dzhaan as a Cathar? 🙂 I’m struggling so bad at making a decent looking one haha.


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