Electro-Cute – The Red Eclipse


Character – Electro-Cute – The Red Eclipse – Sorcerer

Submitted by – Franimalt




Piece Name Color Matched? Dye/Crystal Color(s)
Head Classic Phantom Helmet Yes None & None
Chest Eidolon Chestguard None & None
Hands Synthetic Bio-Fiber Gauntlets Yes None & None
Waist Synthetic Bio-Fiber Belt None & None
Legs B-300 Cybernetic Greaves Yes None & None
Feet Fortified Defender Boots Yes None & None
Wrists Lana Beniko’s Bracers None & None
Weapon Volatile Conqueror’s Lightsaber Black-Orange
Offhand Choose crystal color

Where to Obtain:

  • Head:
  • Chest:
  • Hands:
  • Waist:
  • Legs:
  • Feet:
  • Wrists:
  • Weapon:
  • Offhand:


I have tried to style this sorcerer as an Empire voltage vixen with a midas complex and a bad attitude ! Hope you enjoy the combination. Please add a comment or hit the like button.
Many thanks

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