El’ora – The Red Eclipse


Character – El’ora – The Red Eclipse – Gunslinger

Submitted by – Aela’eth




Piece Name Color Matched? Dye/Crystal Color(s)
Head Oriconian Targeter’s MK-1 Headgear No None & None
Chest Gunslinger’s Jacket White & Deep Red
Hands Hazmat Targeter’s MK-3 Gloves Yes White & Deep Red
Waist Canderous Ordo’s Belt Yes White & Deep Red
Legs Hazmat Mender’s MK-3 Leggings Yes White & Deep Red
Feet Scout Trooper Boots Yes White & Deep Red
Wrists Smuggler’s Exalted Bracers Yes White & Deep Red
Weapon Campaign Field Medic’s Blaster Pistol Black-Blue
Offhand Two-Finger’s Revenge Black-Blue

Where to Obtain:

Head: DP or DF

Chest: Armormech 100 (crafting)

Hands: LvL 50 OP

Waist: Hotshot’s Starfighter Pack (GTN)

Legs: LvL 50 OP

Feet: Space Jockey’s Starfighter Pack (GTN)

Wrists: Gorv “Speck” Mespit, Legacy Vendor on Coruscant

Weapon: Campaign set is purchased via Classic Commendations at the Classic PvE Vendors. They are earned by daily quests in Ilum, Belsavis, Black Hole and Section X, Level 50 HM Flashpoints, and Level 50 SM Operations.

Offhand: Armstech 400

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