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Click on each link below to go to the TOR Fashion YouTube video. NOTE: The moods do not have videos.

The links on this page open videos on the TOR Fashion YouTube channel.  Items marked with an * have no visual indicators. If no source is listed, the emote is either available to all characters without having to obtain it (with video) or is not yet available in-game (no video).

Thanks to SomeGuyInABikini for providing updated emote videos.



  1. Abrhame
    16 June 2015 @ 2133

    There are some emotes such as the “typing” that I can’t find on the cartel collection. Where do you get “Typing”?


    • Exiled Messenger
      16 June 2015 @ 2159

      If there isn’t a video or an asterisk, it hasn’t been released yet.


    • Deus Ex Machina
      23 June 2015 @ 0628

      I think you are referring to one of the recovery skills. It’s 600 cartel coins in the market. I can’t recall the name at the moment and the game is down for the patch


  2. Urza
    5 December 2015 @ 1406

    Anyone know what emote it is when the character pulls out 2 knives and goes through a little spinning routine with them?


    • gua543
      5 December 2015 @ 1453

      Agent class emote, granted after completing chapter 1 of the agent story.


      • Urza
        8 December 2015 @ 1604



  3. Sadriel_Fett
    22 March 2016 @ 1922

    Wanted to let you know the hyperlink for the Joy dance send you to Jig dance, instead. Also, the Running Man dance link sends you to the Romance Shuffle.


  4. danielo
    4 May 2016 @ 0928

    Anyone remembers where you get the Cantina Fight emote? When I started playing my friend got it, but it was too expensive for me


  5. Darth Nishin
    17 January 2017 @ 0831

    Any emote is using lightsaber except (flourish) ?


  6. d8xC0
    27 January 2017 @ 1858

    Unconvincing Performance = /perform


  7. Chris Nail
    30 May 2017 @ 1015

    Should /search be in the Chair and Sitting section?


  8. jamm3tti
    10 January 2018 @ 1431

    What is beat chest emote?


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