Enigmatic Hero


Enigmatic Hero - Female CloseEnigmatic Hero - Female FrontEnigmatic Hero - Female BackEnigmatic Hero - Female RightEnigmatic Hero - Female Left


Enigmatic Hero - Male CloseEnigmatic Hero - Male FrontEnigmatic Hero - Male BackEnigmatic Hero - Male RightEnigmatic Hero - Male Left

Individual Pieces

Enigmatic Hero RobesEnigmatic Hero PantsEnigmatic Hero TreadsEnigmatic Hero MaskEnigmatic Hero GlovesEnigmatic Hero Belt


Dark Purple and Deep Yellow

Enigmatic Hero Dyed FrontEnigmatic Hero Dyed Back

Doesn’t Hide Hood

Enigmatic Hero Doesn't Hide Hood

Head Enigmatic Hero’s Mask
Chest Enigmatic Hero’s Robes
Hands Enigmatic Hero’s Gloves
Waist Enigmatic Hero’s Belt
Legs Enigmatic Hero’s Pants
Feet Enigmatic Hero’s Treads


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