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TOR Fashion

Adaptive Gear

With 5.0 the prices for items changed. Acolyte and Trainee pieces are 600 credits each. All others are 2,500 credits each.


  1. Andy Alvarez
    3 November 2015 @ 1900

    4.0 ruined SWTOR. Sad to see A LOT of great armor simply vanish.


    • DeadInHell
      7 November 2015 @ 0548

      Right? It’s ridiculous how much content was removed from the game. The game suffered already for lack of items, at least for certain classes/styles. Now it’s even worse.


      • gua543
        7 November 2015 @ 0744

        Simply vanish? Black Hole, Arkanian, Verpine and Resurrected has been turned into legacy armor, meaning that your warrior can have a pure jedi knight look (trailer armor but with a hood). Half of the rakata gear was returned as craftable items. The “unique” flashpoint armor drops was simply a recolored version of world drop items still very much obtainable on the GTN. Not to mention there are new unique flashpoint armor drops. What great armor are you missing?


        • Лев Сафаров
          2 April 2016 @ 0609

          You right, but revanite armor gone somewhere.


          • Random Hobo
            2 April 2016 @ 0805

            All that armor is coming back. Will be available as BoL obtained via a fleet vendor in 4.4.

        • Zed
          2 April 2016 @ 1051

          “Not to mention there are new unique flashpoint armor drops. What great armor are you missing?”
          Oriconian/Dread forged ?
          Or if i’m dreaming: kell dragon/dread master ?


          • gua543
            2 April 2016 @ 1221

            I can go on the gtn right now and build a full dread forged look in seconds. And kell dragon/dread master gear… How many people could actually do NiM SnV/TfB/DF/DP back in the day? Even when there were guilds offering runs. I can count the number of people I’ve seen with kell dragon or dread master gear with the fingers of my hand.

          • Exiled Messenger
            2 April 2016 @ 1228

            Oriconian. I wish they would bring that back. I had a set in mind, but I never get the chance to do ops anymore and wasn’t able to get the pieces.

          • gua543
            2 April 2016 @ 1353

            3/5 of the pieces are available on TRE. Pretty sure there are crafters that re’d the ops drops on other servers too.

          • Exiled Messenger
            2 April 2016 @ 1418

            Unfortunately, I don’t play on TRE anymore. There are a few random Dread Forged pieces on Harb, but none of the ones I am looking for.

          • Errtai
            3 April 2016 @ 0343

            Just out of curiosity: Were you able to transfer your toons on TRE to your current US server? Because as far as I know, you can’t transfer toons from EU servers to US servers (or the other way around).

          • Exiled Messenger
            3 April 2016 @ 0632

            No. My original characters are sitting lonely on TRE.

          • Xargaa
            2 April 2016 @ 2243

            Kell Dragon gear was reskinned Underworld Gear. Which is highly obtainable still!

            Oricon gear tho I do miss my set ;-; i got rid of it in 3.0

  2. Sadissa
    2 April 2016 @ 1340

    If anyone is interested: I can build a few pieces of the Dreadforged Force Master Set (Boots and Hand) on TOFN.


    • Sadissa
      2 April 2016 @ 1345

      i can also build the Dreadforged Force Master pants, forgot this 🙂


  3. Geardog11
    4 April 2016 @ 0900

    where is this vendor on fleet


    • Exiled Messenger
      4 April 2016 @ 0920

      Supplies section. Right now it’s the level 8 vendor. In May, it will become the Adaptive Gear vendor and all of the sets without (Imp) and (Pub) will be added.


  4. Amro Abdulqader
    24 December 2016 @ 2349

    can you send these armor sets between toons? and will their looks change? like if i send a TD-17A Talon will it change to like TD-17A Imperator?


    • Exiled Messenger
      25 December 2016 @ 0005

      Most of these are legacy sets, so they can be transferred and won’t change looks.


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