Erilyne – Darth Malgus

  • Character: Erilyne of Darth Malgus
  • Jedi Consular: Shadow
  • Submitted by: Erilyne
  • Robes for a Jedi Master on duty.

    What I put on was: Veda Cloth lower robes with a white-gray dye, so that the skirt matches the robes but the 'leggings' match the gray shirt worn underneath (that cannot be dyed). I've chosen a primary white dye for the robes and a white-gray dye for the skirt. This also works with e.g. a primary black dye and a black-gray dye.

    ItemNameColor Matched? /TuningDye/Crystal Color(s)Source
    ChestForce Apprentice’s TunicPrimary White Dye ModuleCartel Market
    HandsForce Apprentice’s GlovesYesCartel Market
    WaistForce Apprentice’s BeltYesCartel Market
    LegsVeda Cloth GreavesNoWhite and Light Gray Dye ModuleGTN
    FeetForce Apprentice’s BootsYesCartel Market
    WristsForce Apprentice’s BracersYesCartel Market
    WeaponVolatile Derelict SaberstaffMint-Green Color CrystalCartel Market