E’rtai-jr v.3 – The Red Eclipse

    • Character: E’rtai-jr v.3 of The Red Eclipse
    • Jedi Knight: Guardian
    • Submitted by: Errtai

When browsing my cargo hold, I came across my old Columi tanking gear and I was like “OMG, do I still keep these?!!”.

Do you remember those good ol’ days by the way? Were you around when Kephess was king, when no one was taking melee dps to Lost Island and when all we had was Tionese and Columi and Rakata gear?

If you weren’t around back then, well, here’s your chance to get into the time machine and travel back to 2012 and see how Guardians were looking like back then (for the most part, that is). If you were around, however, then here’s your chance for a bit of a nostalgia! 🙂

PS: You can craft the Rakata version of this gear nowadays. Check your synthweaver toon or the GTN (name is Veda Aegis, adaptive gear).


ItemNameColor Matched? /TuningDye/Crystal Color(s)Source
HeadColumi War Leader’s HeadgearYes&No longer available.
ChestColumi War Leader’s Body ArmorDeep Brown & WhiteNo longer available.
HandsRevanite Vindicator’s GauntletsYes&
WaistBraceman’s BeltYes&Level 39 green item
LegsExotech War Leader’s GreavesYes&No longer available.
FeetChampion War Hero Vindicator’s Boots (Rated)Yes&Not sure if you can get these still.
WeaponOver-Tuned Derelict LightsaberWhite

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