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  1. Prov
    2 January 2016 @ 0930

    Very nice. Great choices of pieces all around, and the matching speeder is a really nice touch.


  2. Sisqi
    2 January 2016 @ 1351

    Beautiful thumbnail pic.


  3. Aela'eth
    2 January 2016 @ 1451

    Now that is a girl you don’t wanna mess with, great work 🙂


  4. Fizzy-Wo
    4 January 2016 @ 0135



  5. Murder Toys
    6 January 2016 @ 1454

    Caitlin Araujo

    i want to make this toon can u pop to a appearance station and write down all the numbers that will make this toon body scars etc


    • Caitlin
      9 August 2016 @ 1952

      So, first off I would like to apologize for how late this response is.

      I tend to avoid potential confrontations and was content to simply leave this unreplied to as an isolated incident with my silence speaking for me, but I’ve received about a dozen similar requests in game and on my blog.

      In the wake of this many requests, I feel compelled to go back to the source and give an official stance on the matter for all outstanding and future requests of its like I might receive.

      And extremely flattered and gratified though I am by how well she’s been received, the answer is, I’m sorry to say, no.

      I will not be sharing Tallia’s sliders.

      I will happily share her outfits, but her face is another matter entirely.

      While I own no legal right to her appearance or even her story, I am deeply emotionally invested in my character- she’s the focus of all my legacy shenanigans in game and a character I’ve spent years playing and developing. The scars have a backstory, her complexion has a purpose, her hair color is symbolic- all of these things are intrinsic to her in a way that the first of the twelve outfits I have for her could never be.

      The thought of seeing clones of her that /aren’t/ her running around is unsettling to me. While I can’t stop anyone from making clones of her, and I’ve been informed that some apparently exist already, I’m not going to openly encourage them by disclosing her slider numbers.

      That said, there aren’t exactly a whole lot of customization options in the game as is, and anyone hellbent on recreating her with or without my blessing could probably do so just by looking at a screencap of her in one window and going through the CC motions in another with relative ease.

      Again, I am SINCERELY flattered and gratified by how many thumbs up Tallia’s gotten!
      I never could have dreamed of receiving this kind of overwhelming positivity when I submitted this set to TOR-fashion.

      But as happy as it makes me that people like her design well enough to want to recreate her, she is, at the end of the day, my character, and I would prefer to safeguard that ownership as much as I reasonably can.

      I hope that you will all be understanding.


      • DARTHsup®
        6 January 2018 @ 0125

        Can I have the slider numbers please?


        • Caitlin
          6 January 2018 @ 0508

          … no.


  6. Richard Metz
    12 April 2016 @ 2035

    The outfit flows nicely! Great Job!


  7. Psykrom
    10 October 2016 @ 1741

    nice outfit but I think b-200 belt would fit better (because this one is clipping on the back).


  8. Psykrom
    10 October 2016 @ 1812

    can’t share it cause the admins here seem to be against it but the b-200 set belt looks much better. Unfortunately my long in depth comment was deleted as well, thumbs up either way.


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