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TOR Fashion


  1. Athenis
    12 August 2016 @ 1630

    Sexy beast. First time in a long while I felt satisfied with what I managed to pop from a pack.


  2. G guy of Gstudios
    14 September 2016 @ 1754

    for those asking what is the difference between this one and the star fortress drop. This one has a darker shade of gray,while the normal version is white-ish.


  3. G guy of Gstudios
    14 September 2016 @ 1755

    i might get this for my Scion,a little weapon stored away =P

    never had walker like that before,want it…badly XD


  4. Anonymous
    31 August 2020 @ 0205

    This is the best “standard” walker in game rn. By that I mean it seems to be the most popular full walker (enclosed roof). Some of the others, like the Obsidian and the Nova, seem like fancier, opulent options.
    Plus the look is unique enough to feel different but standard enough to be the most popular throughout my server at least.


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